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“The Belief” about the Growing Seasons and Life

I’m not sure where this was printed but on the front of this greeting card was the title “The Belief” stating that it was from a yellowed news clipping dated April 23, 1967.  I am in the middle of growing my vegetable and flower gardens…it is a LOT of work.  However, what a joy it is to have lilacs, plums, crabapple, apple, apricot, pear trees blooming right now.  Seems I missed a few but spring has finally arrived in northwestern Minnesota.  Not all are privileged to experience this, especially those living in the city far away from the soil.

“By late April the countryman is thinking of June and haying, of summer and the growing season, even of September and golden October. The hillside birches still show only a gauzy green haze of leaftips, the swamp maples blush with half-opened blossoms and mornings are still frosty; but he can see corn knee-high in his newly plowed fields, oats ripening on the lower forty, strawberries ripening in the kitchen garden. Today’s weather, good or bad, can’t greatly change this view of the world the countryman knows.  Whether he is an optimist or not, he has confidence in the soil and the seasons.

The closer one lives to the land, the less one distrusts time. It is only when one is alienated from the earth and its eternal sequences that doubt takes root.  Few of the pat answers and instant solutions have validity when you are dealing with the soil. You see the slow but certain growth of trees, the persistence of grass, and you are aware of the tenacity of life.  The earth’s urgency is toward growth and renewal, and one season follows another despite man’s diversions and interruptions.  You can’t hurry spring, and you can’t interdict summer.

The countryman lives with these truths, no matter how they are phrased. He lives by them.  They shape his life.  So he looks about him now with confidence and with hope. Another growing season is at hand, deliberate as always, and he lays his plans, not for tomorrow, but for June and July and next September.”

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