Finishing up the semester, enjoying spring

IMG_0484Tomorrow I will have international students out for lunch, one is from Japan, another from China and the other from Taiwan.  I will also have an American with an Italian last name come for lunch along with my folks and the American’s parents.  They are camping out in our yard with their trailer because all the parks are still too wet to have overnight campers.  It will be fun to host them over the next week. Graduation exercises are next Saturday so I’ll wear my cap, gown and hood again.  Two weeks ago we had the inauguration for our new chancellor so we just kept everything for this big event. I hope it is sunny because right now it is gloomy and rainy.  The farmers could use the rain but I think we are all relieved that we didn’t have a flood with all the snow we had this winter.

For now I will put up some more photos because I don’t have too much to write about trafficking or about Kazakhstan. Of course, I am watching with interest the two friends of the bombing suspect from the Boston Marathon.  I had students’ names like theirs when I taught in Almaty and in Astana.  I should look back at a post I did about 4-5 years ago how the Muslim inside every Kazakh will rise up and help a fellow Muslim no matter what the nationality is.  Yep, that is what is going on with this 19 year old who is still recovering from his narrow escape from the law.  They would have eventually found him had he slipped away.  In any case, the search would have been easier had the friends of the 19 year old ‘fessed up about what they knew.

The above photo is our Central Park under water a week ago. This is showing my Mom’s tulips popping up, a sure sign of spring. IMG_0482

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