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Differences of education between China and America

One of our more astute students in this summer’s orientation program for 38 Chinese students spelled out the differences he saw in education:

“Every country has has its own style of education. In China students study many kinds of subjects from primary school,they study for passing the tests and graduate from school and finding a job. In China, the most important exam is the university entrance exam. It will decide which university you can enter and it will effect your job in the future. “Anybody can get into college in the USA” which was said by Malaysians. It is true and if you want to graduate from the university of USA you should get enough credits, so you must study if you want to graduate. In China,it is hard to enter the college,but it is easier to graduate than the universities of USA.

Students’ reaction in the class are also different between China and America.I have studied in the university for 1 week now and I have found American students are more active than Chinese students. Maybe Chinese students come to a strange situation may be one reason why they are silent in the class. But as being a Chinese student for 14 years, i think it is not the focal point. Because in China when teachers ask a question there will be few students who will answer the question actively. Most students will be silent, just sit there and look at the teacher. Not like the American students will stand up quickly and call out excitedly, “Pick me, pick me.” This kind of situation only appears in Chinese primary school. I think it is because Chinese education focus more on the exam than the students’ ability at ordinary time.

In the USA professors may put more emphasis on the students’ ordinary ability and I feel that American students get on with professors well,they just like friends.They can call professors’ name like we can call Dr._________ only common name of “Tony!” In China there is a estrangement between professors or teachers and students.We are asked to call teacher DR.*** or sir/madam.Maybe this is a reason why Chinese students keep silence in the class,not because of “Silence is golden.”

In China students are always studying in the classroom,there is few social practice and the subjects in senior high school there will be only 4 at last, so it is boring when you always learn these 4 subjects all the day. Students become inanimate, they only know how to pass the exam.It is the disadvantage of Chinese education.

Many rich men like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs….they succeeded in their enterprise but they had not finished their academic studies in college. And it has many examples in USA, but there are few in China. In China people regard degree as more important than one’s real ability, so it is hard to appear a talent who can carve out without graduating from high degree. It will bury many talents and it is a kind of outflow of talents. In USA,there is more free space to learn, that is one reason why many people in China want to study in USA.

It is just my opinion about the difference of education between China and America.And there are many other ways to know the difference between the Chinese and American culture, not only from the education,but also the other culture like food or language.”

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