More Chinese Students’ Impressions (Part III)

The last of the bunch, our 38 Chinese students traveled to the Twin Cities in order to experience the American “fine arts.”

Mewtwo – On July 28th, we went to Minnesota Institute of Art. This is a great place that we can see many Asian arts including arts from China, Japan and Korea. I’m impressed that both Japanese and Korean arts come from China. For example, there are many Chinese characters in them and I can even understand what’s the meaning of the arts and the thoughts of the artists! It is really an amazing experience because I didn’t go to an institute when I was in China! There is a Chinese ancient library in the institute and I just felt I went back to ancient China. These fine arts give us full of knowledge and tell us what is like before. By the way, nearly all of the Chinese have a Tang Dynasty dream. Not only Tang Dynasty is very powerful, but also it is such a peaceful dynasty that makes most people have time to concentrate on literature and arts. Seeing these arts, I think we should continue creating great arts and take good care of them at present. I’m sure that people will be amazed by these arts thousand years later and they will see what it is like today.

Shawn – It is a perfect weekend in the twin cities. Actually, it was my first time to carefully see, know and feel the American cities. I have a lot of words in my mind.

To see the Minneapolis from faraway, it looks like an island where the middle part is made up of tall buildings. The Mississippi flows through the two city. It makes the city more alive. Besides, many people love riding bikes what makes me feel the city’s vitality.

It was very enjoyable about the trip to Minneapolis institute of art. Because, I saw lots of familiar things which came from China. The Jade Mountain is my favorite boulder in the museum. It comes from Shaoxing in China. One part of the stone is engraved the Lan T’ing Pavilion which is a very beautiful poem. Another amazing thing is the Sun In The Mist created by Monet. He is my favorite impressionist painter.

After that, I went to the theater to watch the show “Noises off”. I love the theater. I looks like the same one what I have seen one in the film. Many old people sat there and the red curtain made a strong sense of esthetic. Although the fast words are hard to understand, I knew the meaning of show. The performances are very humorous. Their expressions are very plentiful.

Flora – This weekend, we went to the Twin Cities to explore the fine art of this state. Our first destination is the art museum. I did not have the chance to see all of the valuable arts, but what made me so excited was the Chinese work of art. Such as the painting of Tibet, the sculpture of Lan Ting Su, the ancient house in China and the pottery figurine. Although I am familiar with all of them, I cannot tell what the truth within them. I am proud to these arts that are cherished in other land. In the past, I can only hear these introduction in Chinese. This is so special for me to hear what the foreigners think about China.

In the afternoon we went to the theater to watch the sunshine boys. It was a living theatre with the real props. We can see them as it happens in our real life. In China, the drama is played by different voices and special gestures to present different feelings. They are totally different

Angela – Experience in Twin cities – This weekend, we went to the twin cities, which is a very beautiful city. The first day, we visited the Art Museum. There are various kinds of art from different countries. Jade-ware and calligraphy are from China, some painting about middle-time in Europe from Europe, some traditional things from Japan, etc. The person who explained cultural relics to us explained the STORAGE BOTTLE with 6,000 old first. It was used to be full of water. The second was DEEP JAR, which was used to cooking, is 4500 years old. From Japan, the docent told us the STEM CUP, which is beautiful with 3000 years old. Because of the limit of time, we knew a bit about our own culture.

Iris – We came to Minneapolis for three days, that was so clean and prosperous here.

About the art museum, the docent led us to see many kinds of culture, such as China, Japan, Europe and so on. Actually, I saw some different things of China in this museum from I had seen before. For example, ceremonial stem cup is I haven’t see it before, which is made for sacrifice between 3000-2000B.C. It was made from soil but looks like metal, that is amazing. Another things were also amazed us, dress of middle century Europe, statue, Lan Ting Su on the Nephrite etc.

We saw the play “Noises off” that was unexpected. When I saw act one, I thought I can’t understand what they wanted to show, but in act two and three, I knew what their means, it was depends on the actor and actress wonderfully performance.

Kevin – Today I have watched a living theatre called ‘The Sunshine Boy’. I felt very excited to watch such a funny play. What gives me a good experience that not only the funny story line, but also the difference between the American arts and Chinese fine arts.

Although it was the first time I watched a living theatre in a theatre and no experience about Chinese fine arts in a living show, I also feel the difference on the way that the actors and the actresses show the story lines and characters’ personality. The way that American actors show is very flexible. They create and design their own actions with their own life experience. So I think that American arts are closer to the real life and make audiences enjoy the show. On the other hand, the way that Chinese actors show is very rigid and traditional. Actually most of these kinds of actors have their own master. They have studied a kind of Chinese fine arts when they are very young. The styles of arts what they show has been rooted. So the arts what they show are nearly the same as others. The other reason what l think is that most of these Chinese fine arts’ fans want to recall the memory they have. So we can understand the phenomenon that only the old man go to the theatre to watch a show.

To sum up, different cultures make different styles of arts. All we need to do is just that show your respect and enjoy it .



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