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Thankful Message from Marinka about Donations

The following is a message of thanks from my friend Marinka. We, as westerners, take so many things for granted. Not until you see the thanks that come from victims of sex trafficking or otherwise, do you realize our privileges.  Being FREE as a victim from trafficking is something, though sometimes it is a long road to full recovery!  We should not only value the things we have but also our freedom. Read on…

I am glad to inform you that our modest mission to help the new shelter for vulnerable people, including victims of human trafficking to start operating – has been accomplished! The new shelter was in an urgent need for a functioning kitchen –we are proud to say that there it is now!

We are also proud to say that we have received another valuable donation for the shelters in human trafficking in Kazakhstan from the Rixos Hotel Astana.

We were lucky to get:

TV – 1

Sofa – 1

Chandelier – 2

Pillows – 50

Blanket – 50

Decorative pillows – 15

Bathrobes – 4

Leg towels – 18

Bath towels – 20

Hand towels – 7

Set of bed linen – 5

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Rixos general manager and his wife for this generous donation. We want to inform you that we have distributed your donation in four different shelters, so far right to the hands of those in need!

Also, thanks to our donors from the Nazarbayev University, for almost two years continuously, we have been distributing second-hand clothes and shoes to victims of trafficking. We are talking about rescued people, often brought poorly or barely dressed, without personal belongings. A pair of shoes and warm sweater, given with human compassion and care, is more than that to those who have nothing.

Last but not least, I want to thank you all for your continuous support and help.

Thankful, Marinka

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