Who is following this 15 year old girl from Afghanistan?

Would you consider this 15 year old girl fortunate because her uncle alerted authorities about her condition?  If you read this story, you will be

shocked and appalled at what evil people do to get vulnerable girls to become prostitutes.  This incident happened in Afghanistan and it continues to go on, but child brides are also supposedly kidnapped in Kazakhstan. The numbers of victims have escalated.

Who is following up on these girls? Can the authorities be trusted to do their part in upholding the law? Most of these girls go unwillingly to be “brides” or wives to their captors and the in-laws, that is known as “bride-kidnapping.”  In some cases it is due to economics and where elopement saves face for the families to avoid the payment of dowries. Whatever happened to the young child brides from 100 years ago in Kazakhstan who would work on their dowry carpets to bring to their new home? (I hope to find out more from a Kazakh woman who lives in Tucson, Arizona) I also learned that Kazakh families in the past, who had children marry each other, became very close.  How does that work out now when a Kazakh (or Afghan) woman is trapped into being married to a man and then is essentially a slave to her mother-in-law and the rest of the family?

I’m wondering how much of the traditions from yesteryear were stamped out entirely during the period of communism when in the 1960s it was outlawed for young women to create their dowry carpets.  So many questions about Kazakh traditions and culture…so many MORE questions about how young girls are being currently snatched up to not be kidnapped brides but to be prostitutes either in their own country of Kazakhstan or exported out by their traffickers to other countries.  Too…many…sad questions.

This young Afghan girl is hopefully getting a new start on life after she heals up in India.  She has certainly gotten the world’s attention by her resisting what she knew to be wrong. Thankfully her uncle cared enough to try and save her. How many other young, innocent girls at this present hour are trapped?  What can we do to help half way around the world?

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