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China’s Children and Kazakhstan’s Problem

Most news these days is focusing on China and their success in breaking up a trafficking ring where 178 children were rescued and over 600 arrests were made.  However, whenever numbers are quoted in China, you know this is just a drop in the bucket in a land of 1 billion people.  What about Kazakhstan which is a vast and sprawling country to the west of China?  It has 16 or 18 million people, it can hardly afford to have Chinese traffickers come across their borders to steal children. But I understand that it is happening where Kazakh children or women are being snatched up.  If you look at this news report, you will see that wherever there is poverty, you have desperate people who want to be free economically.  Kazakhstan is not there yet in the rural, out of the way places far from the major cities of Almaty and Astana.  What is being done to ensure that rural Kazakh children are not being trafficked to China or to the big cities in Kazakhstan?  Wondering minds want to know.

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