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Upbeat “Notes” in Astana about Trafficking at a Charity Concert

The following is an update that I got from a Kazakh contact I have back in the capital city of Astana, Kazakhstan.  Aigerim knows how to write to make it feel like I am actually there. I would have loved to have gone to the concert where they raised nearly $2,000 in ticket sales and other donations. Here is what she wrote:

The charity concert was organized with the help of international organization and performed by non-professional singers-song writers. The songs were in Russian, with an excellent translation into English. My foreign friends enjoyed a wonderful acoustic guitar. Though there were people of different nationalities two universal languages – music and English were featured that evening.


Also, there was one aim and subject to discuss before and after the concert – it is human trafficking in Kazakhstan and all over the world. Being aware of this evil is essential for anyone. So, recently my own younger sister was at a risk. She was waiting for the bus when a suspicious looking middle-aged man came up to her, offering to give a lift to her job. Was he someone working next to her office or was she watched after by this man? However, my kid sister is knowledgeable enough about any danger and she is a very sensible girl. Trafficking, kidnapping is happening here, just look around you. Made by survivors report that, every minute traffickers traps another child into slavery.


One more story from my backyard. A girl was living with her mother in some industrial city near the capital, when a mother got married. The woman left her 16 year-old daughter with grandmother and moved to another place. Consequently, the teenager got terribly angry and became uncontrollable. She started to date a young man and went to the capital city with him. It turned out that the man was drug addicted, he sold the girl to a brothel, where she stayed for 5 years. She tried to escape but was taken back, she underwent a terrifying pressure and through it all she has survived. In the shelter for victims of human trafficking the girl was taken care of, the psychologist and social worker conducted trainings and therapy to help her to recover. She is fine and even started her own business, selling some goods. Also, she is a volunteer at the shelter which helps other victims. This story was told by the rep of some non-governmental organization.


I`m invited to go to another shelter next month to see the way they work. As you see, the happy ending and new life is possible after slavery but unfortunately not for everyone. The head of this other shelter won all the trials on traffickers. I must talk to this person!

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