“Little by Little” poem and incremental steps to combat human trafficking

How I DO love the comments that I get from my reading audience, those who take the time to read what I write the past four years.  However, I often like to feature what other thinkers on Kazakhstan’s problems write.  The following poem is a follow-up by a reader to a poem I posted in January of this year.  I had found a fragment of a poem titled “Little by Little.”  The reader did some searching and came up with the rest of the poem and the possible source for it.  For that I’m grateful.

I realize too that the battle we face with human trafficking will take incremental, baby steps in order to make people realize that slavery is a tragedy reaching epidemic proportions in our world.  We must NEVER give up combatting this evil, we MUST persevere.

“After your blog, I eventually ran upon an archive of the Rockland County Journal (NY) dated December 9, 1865, with this poem titled Little by Little, attributed to the London Band of Hope:

One step and then another,
And the longest walk is ended ;
One stitch and then another,
And the largest rent is mended ;
One brick upon another,
And the highest wall is made ;
One flake upon another,
And the deepest snow is laid.

So the little coral workers,
By their slew but constant motion.
Have built those pretty islands
In the distant dark blue ocean;
And the noblest undertakings
Men’s wisdom hath conceived,
By oft-repeated efforts
Have been patiently achieved.

Then do not look disheartened
O’er the work you have to do,
And say that such a mighty task
You never can get through ;
But just endeavor, day by day.
Another point to gain,
And soon the mountain which you feared ;
Will prove to be a plain.

“Rome was not builded in a day,”
The ancient proverb teaches ;
And nature, by her trees and flowers,
The same sweet sermon preaches.
Think not of far off duties,
But duties which are near ;
And having once begun to work,
Resolve to persevere.

A little more looking, and it seems the London Band of Hope, or UK Band of Hope, etc., was/is a temperance society formed in 1847. Might that have meant something to your family?

Anyway, the poem seems to have made its way into several children’s primers, such as the Heath Reader and the Beacon Reader.

Thanks for pushing me along my journey…..

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