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My Dream…Their Nightmare

This morning I awoke abruptly from a dream. My husband said I was murmuring something in my sleep.  Apparently it was when I challenged someone to tell the truth in my dream, I was also doing it audibly.  I don’t dream very often so this was startling to find out that I had someone else hear what I was trying to say.

To back up a bit to give some background to my dream, it was on our farm involving the mailman putting something into our mailbox.  Only this time it wasn’t our usual mail carrier, it was two men instead.  A few minutes later they returned to talk to a Hispanic lady who was staying with us.  She was sitting on a bench next to a hedge in the front yard.  I suspected something wasn’t quite right because the mail person had returned to our yard only this time it was presumably a couple.  They had urged repeatedly for the young woman to get into their car. She was refusing but was about to relent.  I motioned to my husband to come with me to the car to back me up.

We approached the car of these strangers to ask what was going on.  I looked directly at the woman and it was very difficult for me to speak forcefully, “Tell me the truth, why do you want to take this woman?”  The woman from the car was standing outside of it and she just smiled at me. No answer.  I again asked the man who was at the steering wheel and he simply smiled at me.  That is when I woke up.  My dream…

Their nightmare for those girls or boys who are abducted into slavery.  I just watched the trailer to “The Day My God Died.”  Unsettling what is going on in India and Nepal.  But on an upbeat note, I’ve received a link to what positive things are happening in Tibet, a website advertising “Made by Survivors.”  Believe me, I need more positive and encouraging notes the more involved I get in this issue of human trafficking. Anyone else who has gotten absorbed in this knows what I mean and there is an immediate bond with those who are like-minded.

I’ve also gotten positive feedback and comments from my blog readers which helps encourage me to keep posting about this surreal topic of others’ nightmares.  But I am tired of “starting the conversation.”  I don’t think we should just talk about this issue of human trafficking. Everyone I know agrees that slavery is wrong, yes, holding people against their will is illegal.  WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!! I’m encouraged by a former student of mine who wrote the following:

Dear Teacher, so glad to see you in action. You inspire me and people at the shelter to go on as we aren’t alone in our fight. Yes, its a sort of constant war with trafficking evil and the worse enemy is public opinion. Also the authorities are unwilling to accept the existence of human trafficking in our country. What I do on my classes at the private language school – I give them discussion topics about human rights in Kazakhstan, or just tell about work with the shelter as a part of news exchange, constantly! My students are business people from national companies and they represent the huge part of society. Need to collect my thoughts and write you a long discursive reflection of what I experience and learn in my work day by day. I cannot post on WordPress as it is locked in Kazakhstan, so your blog is the only opportunity for me to share with other people and mostly in Kazakhstan! “Governments listen to other Governments or International Organisations” said one nice person. Well, hope you are doing ok and enjoy life in US?! write soon, yours, Aigerim

I wish I could attend the Global Forum on Human Trafficking in the Sunnyvale, CA this upcoming week.  I know several people who are going to this two day conference which is being sponsored by Not For Sale.  Maybe next year, for now I will do my little bit to keep people aware of what is happening around the world but also in our little corner of the world in Minnesota.  It’s not pretty.

Two more comments I have received recently, don’t know who these people are. They read this blog:

“My eyes have been opened to this atrocity recently. I received this link from a friend of mine about girls in Nepal Thanks for the stats!”

“Human trafficking might not be something we think about on a daily basis but this crime affects the communities where we live the products which we buy and the people who we care about. Its happening to people just like you..Human trafficking doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race age gender or religion.

Department of State estimates that up to 800 000 people around the world mostly women and children are literally sold into slavery each year-a number that does not take into account the number of people trafficked within their own countries. The vast majority of these victims are sold as sex workers most of them underage and many of them under the age of 10. Our business model is to provide a free pair of new shoes to poor people in Argentina South Africa or Ethiopia for every pair purchased. The Emancipation Network offered some of its silk bags and jackets produced in India by survivors of and those at-risk for human trafficking. Our founder Sarah Symons started this company in 2005 after she saw the documentary Born into Brothels spokeswoman Charity Rutan said.”

I have looked up on google who Sarah Symons is. She has been actively involved in righting this wrong, this nightmare lived out by too many vulnerable people. Similar to the one in my dream at the beginning of this blog that could have succumbed had my husband and I not intervened.  We need to get in the way of the perpetrators by not only starting the conversation but forcefully asking for the truth of this nightmare to end.  We all need to DO something so there is NO MORE SLAVERY…N O W!!!!

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