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Modern Abolitionists at Work today

I feel very happy we accomplished our mission of raising one thousand dollars to help with shelters for victims of human trafficking in Kazakhstan and also in Minnesota.  Since I have learned so much over the past several weeks in preparation of our rummage sale, I’m too overwhelmed to write much tonight. I will show photos of the women who helped make this project possible.  A happy event for all who came through our doors to get good deals, I’d guess about 200 people . This was with about 60 other rummage sales going on throughout the city.

This King of Trails event was up and down Hiway 75 from the Canadian border to Texas. Maybe next time (if we do this again) we will have our sale on a separate occasion so we can bring about more awareness about human trafficking on a local and global level. Maybe on Sept. 30th a carload of us women may go down to the Twin Cities for a human trafficking event at Northwestern college in St. Paul, MN to find out what grassroots activists are doing to help abolish modern-day slavery.  The hall will seat 1,500 people, I hope that the organizers can fill it with activists who want to make a difference.

I’ll write tomorrow of all I have learned from others about this ongoing tragedy. To cap off our day, Ken and I watched the Liam Neeson movie “Taken.” This movie is very appropriate about how traffickers get girls to become prostituted women. NO ONE SHOULD BE FOR SALE!!!

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