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Decorative Gourds and Kazakhstan’s Faceless Ones

The other day I created two baskets of decorative gourds from my garden. I put the plain and simple white ones on the bottom to augment the more beautiful and unique gourds on top.  After I had harvested about 30 of the egg shaped white gourds to purge them, I thought of an analogy to Kazakhstan’s faceless victims. At least ten ladies from my home church and I hope to raise awareness and money with our upcoming rummage sale to help victims living in shelters who have been slaves in Kazakhstan. It takes time to rehabilitate people who are unskilled and uneducated to get back into the real world to be productive.

My analogy is that we, as Midwestern women, are like the decorative gourds. We have loving families, education, jobs and a hopeful, bright future.  Those victims trapped in manual labor exploitation or sex trafficking in Kazakhstan and other desperate parts of the world are like the plain, egg-shaped gourds which are put to the bottom of cornucopia baskets.

I told the women in my group the other night that we need to keep these non-decorative gourds on our minds because we will probably never meet or know who these faceless victims are.  BUT God knows who they are and He hears their cries for help.  Always good to meditate on Isaiah 61 because those living amongst us in this globalized world are brokenhearted. They are mourning their loss and have the spirit of heaviness about them. They are full of shame, confused and have been robbed of their joy.

I believe as decorative gourds, we can make a difference…

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