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We Want to DO something… (Part II)

Ladies in our group want to DO SOMETHING about eradicating slavery and human trafficking!  That is why we arrived at having a sale of our castoffs.  We hope to get more donations to turn into money so victims of trafficking in Kazakhstan  and Central Asia can turn it back into clothes, beds, kitchenware, all the kinds of things we are purging.  Too bad we couldn’t just ship everything that is excess for us to the shelters that need them to help rehabilitate those victims who have come out of being slaves.  Cost prohibitive.

Another thing mentioned the other night was that most all the clothes we buy and the places we buy things at inadvertently use child labor.  We, as Americans, are used to receiving minimum wage in our U.S. jobs but that would be laughable and unheard of in other third world countries.  One article mentioned by someone in the group listed all the stores that are on the black list which is similar to the website (Free2work) we talked about earlier where companies are given grades from A to F.

Well, we are satisfied that we don’t do any shopping at the elite stores who are on the black list.  Many of us go to thrift stores or some sew their own clothes.  Those of us who go to second hand stores talked about how we could make our rummage sale different.  Maybe like one American Red Cross store that had everything laid out and when they go to pay, the shopper is asked, “What is it worth to you?”  Well, then in your own mind you have to tally it up and in a sense give a donation.  We could do it that way or price everything at 50 cents so that people fix those prices in their heads while bigger items would be priced if they are worth more (furniture, exercise equipment, etc.)

We could also ask for donations from different stores or companies around town.  Having a silent auction was mentioned or maybe selling tickets for some things that are donated from the stores around town.  Someone volunteered to write up a paragraph that would go into church bulletins to announce this event that is a citywide garage sale.  However, again, we want to make sure this is different from all the rest of the rummage sales.  Explaining that all the profit made would go to this mission of helping trafficked victims here in the U.S. and also in Central Asia.

A way to advertise would be to put it on television or the radio website.  We could have a flyer printed up that would advertise at different places around town about what we would be selling.  Just in time for college students returning in the fall who want to establish their dorm rooms or rental homes.  We could have this as a Facebook event so these same incoming college students would show up. Maybe put an advert on Craigslist.

We would certainly be on the list for the community wide yard sales.  However, OURS would be different! Someone else mentioned that we could also have a Bake sale where everyone brings something they baked and sell it.  The thought would be to put a pamphlet about human trafficking in every bag that leaves the sale.  The shoppers would go home to read it if they didn’t see the displays that were set up or the powerpoint or DVD that plays continually through about human trafficking.

Someone mentioned that Demi Moore is into working against this problem of trafficking.  We could invite her but in case she doesn’t show up (tongue in cheek), we would maybe see what she reports on her website. We would see what other websites like “Not for Sale” and other organizations have in promoting their programs in the U.S. and abroad.  All in an effort to inform people in the community what is going on.  We must all be aware!!!

We discussed many other things such as where the donations of clothes and things would go and the wording of the pamphlets and flyers.  Many details to work out so we will have to have another meeting soon to discuss who will be in charge of what.  The other night was a floating of ideas.  Next time we will nail down the nuts and bolts of who will be responsible for what options they feel most comfortable with and are talented in getting done. We can make this a tri-focussed event.  Donate, buy or be aware!!!

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