We want to DO something about Human Trafficking in Kazakhstan

We heard an incredible story at our tri-birthday party that happened just that same day to one of the ladies. I think it best sums up our mission to do something about human trafficking.  Admittedly it is a HUGE problem, what can we do as a little group?

Here’s a good example, she was driving on the Interstate and a driver in front of her looked like they were drunk. The car was going all over the road and then suddenly stopped right in the middle of the fastlane. (!!!)  Big semi trucks and cars were whizzing by at 75 miles an hour!  If it hadn’t been for this meeting tonight and keeping in mind about unfortunates who are used, the teller of this tale might have gone to the right in the slower lane to bypass this erring driver as well.

Turns out it was a very frightened woman from Nigeria or some African country that kept repeating “I am missing, I am missing…” to our friend who had abruptly stopped behind her in an effort to help. That was the extent of the African’s English vocabulary. Finally it was figured out the poor woman was very lost and wanted to get back to the main city where she lived.

Here’s the analogy about what this person (angel in disguise) did to help. God will make opportunities to help others available to all of us.  It is up to us to open the door to walk through to help people who are down and out and not to walk past them (think Good Samaritan story). We, as American women, have options (trafficked victims don’t have any options) to help those in need or we can just speed on by.  Earlier in the narrative our friend had called 911 to report a supposed drunk driver but no help ever came.  Therefore, sometimes you have to take things into your own hands as this person reported to us last night and help those who are in trouble.  Yesterday it was this scared African lady whose “angel” directed her back into town.

What made the evening so amazingly powerful was the energy and dynamic power that undergirds each woman represented. She has a loving husband who supports her and she can speak her mind freely. Sadly, the same cannot be said about those held in bondage as slaves in Central Asia.  That is why we got together last night to discuss ways we can raise money to send to the shelters in Kazakhstan through people I know and trust in Almaty and Astana.

Two months ago, someone came up with the idea to have a rummage sale and everyone admits that they have “stuff” they are willing to part with.  In fact, we in the U.S. have an overabundance of things. These “things” are exactly what the people who are trapped in trafficking need and want.  Some of the necessities such as furniture, kitchenware, bedding, children’s clothes etc. to help their families would be what we would be selling.

In many cases, older Kazakh or Kyrgyz women are tricked into a “too good to be true” scheme because it is fabrication meant to be an enticement.  If only these women knew the truth behind the unbelievable things they hear.  Many times, they are so busy trying to keep life and limb together for themselves and their children because the husband is either an alcoholic, gambler, womanizer or all three and more!!!

That was the summary of what our earlier meeting was several months ago when we first discussed the book “Two Kyrgyz Women.”  We need to make other people aware of this problem that is not only overseas but also at our backdoor.  Someone cited a case where a trafficking ring was busted in South Dakota or along I-29 and I-94 where illegals from Mexico were being used and not paid.  Of course the biggest thing for those unfortunates to step forward is that they have no documents and no rights to be in the U.S. in the first place.

(to be continued)

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    batirkhan said,

    “Nigeria or some [other] African country”

    • 2

      kazaknomad said,

      Thanks for the correction, my grammarian editor. Yes, my friend was not sure where the African woman was from since there was a communication barrier. Sign language worked well to get her back in the car and turn her around to take the next exit and go back to town. She could have been from Somalia for all my friend knew…yes, some “other” African country, maybe Nigeria…

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