Brave Stories already told in 2008 OSCE Report on Sex Trafficking

Please go to the following site which shows many different details related to sex trafficking.

What a thorough report done for OSCE in Helsinki back in 2008.  However, fast forward three years and I believe that the situation has not improved much for victims of sex trafficking. More funds are needed to rehabilitate and return those victims who were forced into labor or sex exploitation to return to their home countries.  Also, internal migration is a problem in Kazakhstan for those who have no jobs in the rural areas and are trafficked to the big cities of Almaty and Astana and other Central Asian cities that are notably monied with “clients.”

Here’s just a teaser of what you will find in this report written by Yekaterina Badikova.  Brave stories have been already told and there are reasons why this is a self-perpetuation problem due to lack of funds to help the victims:

1) problems with issuing return documents for the victims returning to their home countries;

2) unclear prospects of victims’ future upon the return to the environment pushed her to the victimization before;

3) sustainable trends for deviant behavior demonstrated by some victims;

4) lack of cooperation demonstrated by public health and social services contacted by the NGOs seeking professional assistance for the victims passed the rehabilitation programs;

5) attempts of media to unveil the victims’ personality, notwithstanding of the security and safety requirements;

6) long time of investigation and court hearings and lack of funds and the NGOs’ resources to accommodate and feed the victims in the course of investigation and court hearings;

7) victims rejected cooperation with the police after the case was reported, mainly due to mistreatment by the police who openly demonstrated  stigmatizing attitude towards the victims, and sometimes re-victimized them;

8 ) the police officers’ skepticism expressed very often regarding the possibility to investigate the case successfully;

9) mixing of victims of trafficking and victims of other crimes within one case, and unavailability of funds to assist any other individuals in need but only trafficking victims; 

10) the prejudice towards victims, openly expressed by many government  officials who are responsible for combating trafficking; very weak understanding of the phenomenon of trafficking in persons by those officials, and, because of their rapid rotation from one post to another, low  chances for them to study.

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