Photos from early 20th century in Canada

Happy Canada Day today!!! I love looking at old black and white photos from yesteryear.  These photos were taken in the area of Swift Current, Saskatchewan in Canada where my two Great Uncles Richard and Stephen Aslakson used to farm.  They had caught the “Northwest Fever” after being born in North Dakota and wanting to prove up new land of their own. My great grandparents had come from Telemark, Norway and had five sons in the late 1800s.

My great uncles could have been using these harvest machinery below or people they knew in the area of Swift Current were using them.  How does this land compare to the Virgin Lands territory that was opened up by Krushchev in the 1960s in northern Kazakhstan?  Well, they didn’t have the steam threshers or swathers as the Canadian farmers used back in the early 1900s. A LOT of manpower was needed to bring in the harvest, when things got tough during the Depression, they moved on to greener pastures. My economist husband knows a LOT about this era of time. I just enjoy looking at the photos.

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    sing543 said,

    The picture of the threshing machine and all the workers on top of the wagons is very familiar to me. During the late 30’s my uncle Ole Aslakson was operating steam engines and was instrumental in starting the Steam Threshers Reunion in New Rockford, ND. The crews would go from farm to farm. The cooking operation for all the men was another story.

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