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Addiction, Addiction, Addictions…(Part IV)

If you weren’t blown away by the documentary of the link my former student provided yesterday, then you are still reading what my other students wrote about addictions in Kazakhstan.

Student #6 – The question is that how the educators can help the students that have been caught in the trap of the drugs, alcohol, computer games, pornography and so on. It is rather hard question and the clips that we watched in our classroom today are about this problem. The first clip is called “The machine” and I liked that better than the second one, which is called “Addiction” as it more clearly pictures the way how people get trapped.

To me the purpose of both movies is to show the weaknesses of humans and that it is very hard for us as humans to resist the temptation. It is always easy to think that somebody is doing something wrong, but not me, as we always try to find excuses for ourselves. “The machine” showed so clearly how normal person gets obsessed with something and gradually gets crazy. The addiction doesn’t come right away, the strength of it is that it would be getting in the life of the humans gradually making them believe that everything is OK and that he or she can stop any time he/she wants. As everyone first is driven by curiosity, thinking what is next and then again next when there is finally no way to go further. It is a lie and there are a lot of lies in the life that people actually believe in. And I am not an exception of it, I admit that from time to time when I analyze my life I find some lies that I believe in and the obsessions. That is why humans are created to worship God and no one else and if he tries to do it then they will get lost and go in the wrong direction.

So, the answer to the question is to have as much as it is possible positive impact on the students. But the most important thing in the life is to be honest with ourselves and then we will be able to influence our students. As it is said in the famous proverb, “take away the beam in your own eye before talking about the speck in your friend’s”, something like that I don’t remember the very words of it, he-he-he.

Student #7 – “So today we watched two films about addiction and none of them was easy to see. The dark space, despair, pity for people getting or rather losing their humanity – it was really hard for me to follow them. Films tell us what happens to ones getting involved with something and how people change from what they looked like to what they become to look like. I think two films where about different periods of being addicted to something. First showed how a man was actually getting addicted till the time he realized that was wrong. The second one I think was about a man who is already in addiction just realizing he doesn’t have any way out left.

Did I catch the message fully? – I am not sure. I never knew or could understand how people get addicted, but the first case showed perfectly the how.

Does addiction relate to me? – I hope no. I hope I won’t get badly addicted to anything except positive things.

Do I see addicted people or have I seen? – Yes. Unfortunately I saw many people and unfortunately they were young people. As I said at the discussion, there are lots of internet cafes which are computer game centers at a time. There are so many young people of my age, elder than me, almost my age and far younger than me there! I wonder always how they can spend so much their time on that! I wonder if their conscious do not afterwards keep repeating and blaming them for spending so much for nothing. I wonder where their parents look, of the younger ones and if there are any people taking care of where these kids spend their time. I witnessed times when the assistant woman who works at the center answered phone and asked some boys to pick it up and talk to their moms and relatives. And then all customers had the typical conversation with this woman about the debts they have and asking to enlarge the due date.

As for my role as educators, I think all I can do is to help my students to sort out what is bad and what is good while they are opening the world. I could lead trainings, talk about drugs, computer games but hopefully with the schedule that students have at our intellectual Schools in Astana they have too little time to be left for games. But anyway there are many other students left. I think a single teacher cannot help out others, fight against addiction must be done by whole system of united schools and parents. And attention must be payed to computer games as much as to drugs, alcohol and other such serious things.”

(to be continued)

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