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Addiction, Addiction, Addictions…(Part III)

I had no way of knowing how profoundly impacted my Kazakh students would be by two simple video clips on addictions.  In turn, I was bewildered and troubled at how on-line gaming and MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game) have taken over.  I HAD NO IDEA it was this huge a problem!!! I have nothing more to add after watching the link that this student provided about the dangers of Warcraft and MMORPG, etc.

Student #5 – “You know that being a teacher means performing different roles at a time. A teacher doesn’t only teach a students, but she inspires, motivates, re-educates and rehabilitates. Being a teacher is a constant struggle, where majority of the things depend upon a teacher. A teacher should always be ready to solve every problem. There are lots and lots of them. Addiction is one of them. I am getting more and more about my profession with the help of PDP classes. It is especially important for young teachers, whom lots of difficulties await in future. PDP ( Professional Development Program) helps them to be ready to these problems and find a solution in advance.

February 21 is one of my usual PDP classes day. The significance of this day is two videos we watched today. Both of them relate to the problem of addiction. The first video clip shows a man, who easily get addicted to the machine. It is not a simple machine, it is a machine that brings you to the world of ecstasy. Once you use this machine, your brain is captured. Each time you use it, you get more and more addicted. Your will is ruled by the machine.

The plot of the clip is as follows: a man, angry and desperate, throws a case out of the window. A passer-by (another man) runs into it, opens, closes, and takes with him. An angry man runs out of the house, trying to find what he has thrown away. He doesn’t find it and his story ends here, which in turn is the beginning of another story. A passer-by takes it home and tries it for the first time. He is horrified. Later this feeling vanishes and he enters the world of pleasure and ecstasy. The case, that he picked up in the street, is a powerful machine. The more he uses the machine, the more he gets addicted to it. As soon as he puts on the devices, he finds himself among dancing and tempting girls. Everything is about dirty, pretty things. One day he wants to get more out of it (usual thing with addicted people), instead he is wounded by the girl of his obsession. He is wounded not emotionally, not mentally ( and emotionally, and mentally), but physically as well. The trace of woman nails caused real bleeding on his face. Angry and desperate, he throws the case out of the window. A passer-by ( the third man) runs into it…

What is strange is that what you brings you pleasure works only virtually, but hurts in reality. How many lives did addiction ruined? How many lives does it ruin? And how many will?

Another short video clip that is also about addiction is called “Addiction”. To tell the truth, I didn’t get the message until I read ” Addiction” in the end. It shows a man, who goes up by an elevator. He is on the third floor. He goes up again. He is on the third floor. Surprised, he goes up again and again it is the same floor. How much he tries, he appears on the third floor. In a horror, he seeks other ways out, he runs to every voice he hears, but there is nobody. Throwing down his arms, he sits on the elevator, and keeps going up and down, up and down . . until he sees a light. If you have already understood, it is the same thing that happens to addicted people. Reaching the highest point of their addiction, they still want more and more. But there is no more. So what brought them ecstasy at first, brings them misery till the end of his life OR until that light shows them a better solution of their problem.

You see, addiction is an actual problem of the society. Our ears got used to addiction to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Addiction to computer games still seems to be ridiculous. However, it is also a big issue with difficult solutions. Children spend more time in the internet than any other places. Nowadays, nearly all the children in Kazakhstan are addicted to “Warcraft Game”. They meet together after the classes, but not for playing a football, going to swimming pools, but playing Warcraft in internet cafe. I want you watch the following documentary film on Warcraft addiction.

So such kind of things are massively addictive and have much harm for future generation. And we , as teachers, should do everything to prevent it from widening. Being a teacher means to be a mother, an adviser, and an instructor at a time. So, let’s be more attentive to our children, students, and followers!

(to be continued)

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