Missing Pages from Walter Duranty’s “IWAIP” book

Nothing like getting the actual book of Walter Duranty’s “I Write As I Please” in your hands published back in 1935.  I LOVE old books, the authors are NOT politically correct.  (I KNOW I am not politically correct with this blog on many levels!!!) These authors of old don’t know what will be considered taboo ahead of their years, how can they?  In this case I was reading Walter Duranty’s book off my computer while living in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Someone had scanned all 350 pages of them, except for six missing pages. Check out my blog entries starting around January 14, 2011 or this link  from my blog several months ago about Duranty’s old book.

I know things are moving quickly in the direction of  Kindle and Nook mode.  May be like purging the old b&w TV set to get the colored one, our technological age is like that. In fact my husband and I have done away with our TV ages ago and watch movies on our laptops. But we still like the handle of a book in our hands that we can put down and pick up again at will.  We have an e-Reader but haven’t felt inspired to download books into it yet, it seems kind of clunky.

But this is about missing pages that the scanner didn’t do and I thought there was some sinister plot of withholding information from the Internet reading community.  It was nothing like that at all except the person wanting to be politically correct.  Here’s what was missing

P. 48 – about war

p. 77 – Biblical story of David and Bathsheba and how King David was confronted by the prophet Nathan about having Bathsheba’s husband Uriah killed.  Duranty had felt like he had brought a date to a dance and he was likening that story with how a U.S. state department person stole his girl.

p. 230 – about Trotsky’s sad fate, (just a short paragraph that the scanner didn’t want to scan)

p. 242 – about the poem titled “Black Man” where the word “Negro” was used (oops, big no-no)

p. 333 – about the mass suicide at Red Square

If you are interested in reading about what Duranty saw and wrote about or maybe a better word would be “embellished” it is a worthy read and feels like you are reading off a Kindle.  I don’t know, it may be the thing of the future for Kazakhstan because books are so difficult to get into the country because of weight and expense.  We shall see how the libraries will be filled in a culture that formerly was an oral culture.  Having books and reading has such a western feel to it.

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