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Kazakh Children and Kidnapping Crimes (Part VII)

My final entry on this very sad topic of human trafficking. If you have ever seen the movie with Liam Neeson titled “Taken” you will know how devastating it is for a parent to look for their children who have been taken by kidnappers or by human traffickers.  The following is written by a student of mine who saw this problem more from a child’s point of view.  Afterall, she IS a teacher of younger people and knows just how vulnerable and weak they really are.

One of the popular problems nowadays in Kazakhstan is children kidnapping for different purposes. This issue is not new but it is still up-to-date and topical. Amongst human trafficking, children are also kidnapped. And they are very lucky in the case of hard labor. If it is the case of selling their insights it won’t seem as a bad fate at all. It is one of the worst things that may happen to a child. Even though the problem of children kidnapping is up-to-date and topical, the society in the face of a family can reduce it.

Children – are the most defenseless members of society under great risk in any situation, especially in kidnapping. Since kidnapping is a developing business and earns much money there is always a temptation to get easy money and use children. One more thing to worry about is children’s behavior as a cause of kidnapping. Parents’ indulgence and lack of time are crucial factors in this respect.  Naughtiness as well as obedience may be serious factors of being kidnapped.

A way of reducing these problems can be started from a single unit of the society – a family. Furthermore, parents place an important role in the life of children. One way of solving the problem of children kidnapping is an adequate attitude towards upbringing of children. Parents should clarify the importance of self safety in the life of a child. The parents should also teach to react immediately to the particular situations such as a talk with a stranger, a trouble of going alone elsewhere, spending time in an unknown company and many others. Obedience is a bad thing, too. If a child is obedient the risk of his kidnapping rises. The child becomes an easy prey for kidnappers. One more thing parents can do is to arrange a schedule for younger children. For instance, they can find out a safe way of getting to school and home, meet them after classes.

To sum up, even though children kidnapping is a serious problem all over the world, a family can prevent it by treating children properly, teaching them to react, and arranging their time. Children are the great gifts of the God and taking good care of them is one of the vital missions in the world. The children are our future, so let’s do everything possible and impossible to make their life better and safe.

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