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Kazakh Women Exposed via Internet to Human Trafficking (Part V)

The following is from a former student who was from southern Kazakhstan. She was very well aware of bride kidnapping that is supposedly a Central Asian custom of elopement.  [I think it happens when the economy of the region is bad. Bride kidnapping has been happening for some time for those in the rural areas of the -stans.] One thing that will haunt me for a long time is what she said as a true Kazakh woman.  Something to the effect that if Kazakhstan wants to heal the wounds of the soul as a young nation, they need to take care of the least of these people who are trafficked. Or another way I interpreted it is that there can be no future prosperity of a nation if the rich of Kazakhstan don’t take care of their own.

Today, life is becoming more unpredictable and people do not know how their destiny will be turned to them. So, when those who suffer from human trafficking, there are others who just stay aside not knowing about the torture the victims are going through. Even though the number of physical and sexual abused women is horribly increasing, people should consider capital punishment in order to destroy the trafficking community dealing with this crime.

There are a lot of kinds of traps to lure young, desperate women to work or to study wherever they want with the promise to provide them a better life than people have in their real life. Sometimes those people do not think of consequences  of such a horrible trap. For example,  nowadays  people are attracted to find a better job through the internet. And by statistics the number of people trapped in the world through the internet are women who are considered to be allured  by different communities dealing with human trafficking. Moreover, women are the main source to be used for profit and they are exposed to human trafficking to become prostitutes more so than being  forced to work in dangerous conditions for little money. In addition, young women searching for a better life surf the internet and agree to work abroad, notwithstanding the danger. In fact, they are risking to be future prostitutes.

However,  I wish if someone knew about those people’s sufferings, unfortunately, it seems nobody tries to stop it. And human traffickers do all their best to contribute themselves because of people’s careless attitude to human rights. For example, in Kazakhstan rich families hire workforce from other countries, namely, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, the countries whose economies went down and lack of jobs make people move to different countries. Moreover, it is easy to get a visa to any country to work, except the UK and the USA. So, traffickers take advantage of this moment and trap people by offering good jobs. And it will be late for  trapped people  to go back to their countries, staying victims with deprived rights of no passport and little money.

But in some cases women agree to work, knowing the kind of job and no matter either prostitutes or a job with dangerous conditions. And money is considered to be more important for them than their health. Those people are ready to die while working, unfortunately sometimes  their expects are not proved  and those people become brutally trapped by traffickers.

Finally, taking into consideration those facts given above, people should set up organizations against human trafficking. Also, those organizations should be in charge of  trapped people and consider capital punishment for traffickers in order to stop these horrible crime.

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