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Courage Needed to Change “Dark Side of Prosperity” (Part IV)

Human trafficking is not only about kidnapping women, it is also about enslaving men to do hard labor.  While I was living in the two most cosmopolitan cities in Astana and Almaty, I did not realize that much of the work done on tall and funky skyscrapers are really done by some family men hired from neighboring Central Asian countries who want to send money home to their loved ones.  Instead they are trapped in a vicious cycle when their documents are taken from them and they have no money to return home.  Daring courage by men and women to break the bonds that shackle them will have to make the difference to change this grave situation.  However, too many Central Asians do not want to take the risks of bringing this problem up with their government leaders.  We only have to go back about 50 years to see what happened to those who took issue with what edicts were handed down from Moscow during the Soviet era.  Someone influential and prominent will have to have the courage to say “Enough is enough!” when it comes to human trafficking. Read what another former student of mine wrote:

“Man was born free and everywhere he is in shackles” said Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Relying on famous French philosopher the humanity constantly has been struggling for freedom and still the fight continues. The issue of human rights in Central Asia is rather controversial and problematic. One of the widespread and often discussed issues is human trafficking. Even though there many public, non-governmental institutions which investigate the problem of human trafficking, the government and society ignore the problem of human trafficking and also there are not sufficient actions from authorities to support human rights in Kazakhstan.

There are many public, non-governmental institutions which investigate the problem of human trafficking. The volunteers from OSCE and non-governmental organisations focused their activity on preventing the growth of crime. Mostly the activists help those who underwent the slavery, providing them with shelter and psychological support. Also public organisations inform the society about all the traps of enslavement via media sources.

However, the actions of voluntary organisations are not sufficient to stop the increase of crime in Central Asia. The problem requires the collaborative participation of the governments of all Central Asian countries and each member of the society as a whole. If to focus on Kazakhstan exactly, the issue of migrant workers` rights is minor for our society, which is never raised on discussions in the Parliament. The public is not concerned with those who are out of mainstream, who are out of common prosperity. That people are out of law protection, they are on the dark side.

Clear, that the local authorities are only the “watch-afters” and their duty is in taking the report of the human trafficking case, writing the profile of the victim and reporting back to the head that everything is all right. The society is frightened with the state of situation but none bears anxiety until trouble troubles him. The indifference weakens the society. All we need is to find courage to question themselves about the protection of our rights and be ready to struggle for them.

So you can see that although there many public, non-governmental institutions which investigate the problem of human trafficking, the government and society continue to ignore the problem. The issue of human rights is not popular in our country, but the society should start protecting their rights.

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