More Cogent Thoughts about Human Trafficking (Part III)

This essay from a former student of mine about human trafficking was helpful in her solutions.  I think she has some good ideas on how to solve this age old problem of slavery…read on to see what you think:

Improving security, a sluggish economy, and the world all have changed, and in many ways for the better. These changes are evident before the visitor leaves his or her country. In the rapidness of the developing economy and the immenseness of moving around, while some people move freely, others become the victims of human trafficking. Even though bad changes in the global economy have also had an influential  strain on human rights violation, there are solutions that can really prevent human trafficking all over the world.

At first, global economy has an influential strain on human rights violation and the main reason for this problem is political instability, as supply of victims is encouraged by such factors as poverty, seemingly higher standards of living elsewhere, lack of workplace opportunities,  violence. These factors are impossible to reject. Political instability pushes people to leave for foreign country for the brighter future. People await  a kind of life that presages tragedy mostly without realizing that. They fully trust the world where success and failure change each other like a man stepping with right and left foot, where the veracity is mixed with mendacity.

Secondly, there exists demand for cheap and illegal labor in foreign countries. While there is demand, there is supply, as countries do know how to attract people from poor countries. It is a two-side affair, where each side is solicitous of making their own profit, and where disingenuous ones mostly succeed. Liberty, independence, freedom is nothing there at all. It is taken.

That’s why the organization dealing with human rights protection should function everywhere and every time for anyone can easily apply for their help whatever happens to them. Their job should be centered in warning the people by mass media, advertisement, seminars, which will help to prevent trafficking. For example, we have quick numbers for emergency cases like 01, 02,…. In Kazakhstan, 911 in America, then why not to develop a unique phone number acceptable all over the world for cases of human trafficking, bondage,  sexual servitude, enslavement, captivity???

Victims are mainly concentrated in cities or villages. Those, who are in cities, are precisely victims of sexual servitude, as no one needs sex industry in poor remote areas. They would mainly prefer exploitable labor force  to it. Another solution is that people should continually improve their knowledge of human rights. Self-improvement is a  safe way of keeping yourself far from the problem.

So until people don’t know their rights, they are under the pressure of becoming a prey for illegal industry. “Life is more unpredictable than fiction” as Marinka Franulovic says. Human rights violation, slavery, servitude once declared illegal should not reverberate today.

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    I really like her idea about the unique number which could be used all over the world, because mainly people, especially women, become “slaves” abroad without any documents and support. And I really hope that official institutions which function against human trafficking also have such an idea and are working on it.

  2. 2

    kazaknomad said,

    I just found out about an anti-trafficking organization in St. Paul, Minnesota called “Not for Sale” and a friend’s sister works with this. I gave them both the book by Marinka and I hope to learn more about what they do to help victims of trafficking. Yes, a unique number would be good for all the world to know about. The problem would be that phones might become more inaccessible for those who want to make the call for help. I dunno.

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