Photos of field trip to 60 year old village school

My American friend Jeanette invited me to join her yesterday morning to see how her young Kazakhstani kids are practicing for an upcoming one act play competition. Refreshing to get out of the Astana city glitz and see what life is REALLY like in the rural area of Kazakhstan.  The pictures can tell the rest of the story.  A banner day yesterday for me since in the afternoon I had Annemarie Bechert from Goethe Institute give an hour talk about culture(s) to my Professional Development students.  I’ll write more about Annemarie’s talk and my village visit tomorrow.

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    It might be strange, but this is a type of school I studied 11 years in my village. They do remind me about my school, where i have not been since graduation.

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    kazaknomad said,

    It was very clean and I loved seeing all the old plants, green plants everywhere. I was sorry to see such old, yellowed Russian books in the library as big as my office. The librarian was so friendly and cheerful and the kids were so sweet. They asked, “Do you think we have a chance to win in the competition?” They want to do so well and so they must practice, practice, practice. I will find out from my American friend how they will do. I’m aghast but she was the FIRST American they had ever met before and they live a half hour away from Astana!!!

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    […] is not Kazakhstan.” I would wholeheartedly agree with that because of what I witnessed in a village school just 30 minutes outside of Astana.  Her concern is about carrying the knowledge that is in the “elite” schools of Astana out to […]

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    Konfronto said,

    Why not go to any school say in Central Kazakhstan region and see what the real life is, shool that far beyond the capital and any major city. You’ll get totally different picture.

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