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Postmodern “Thinking” in a Post-Soviet Country (Part II)

To continue what I started yesterday, this gets me to moral absolutes.  This same specimen of a recent graduate from a western university, pick almost any university in the U.S. and ask what they think of murder.  They will assuredly say that it is a dreadful crime.  What about rape? or slavery?  Yes, a crime and wrong also.  What about stealing or prostitution?  Wrongs against humanity, all. But what about if all of these things are portrayed on the movie screen, is it okay then? Yep, according to a postmodernist recent graduate, because anything goes these days.  Yes, we can put a rating next to it and if it is R or X rated, it is that person’s business what they fill their minds with by what they watch. What about when such movies are promoted to a young Kazakh audience?  That’s where I as an educator from the West feel great shame because the young people of this great nation need to see wholesome, uplifting things to encourage them in life’s competition.

I used to be a Tom Hanks fan but somewhere along the line he became arrogant, his success has brought him to think he knows what is needed for audiences. He produced and was the voice in “Polar Express.”  I watched it and could not believe how inane the story line was, there was NO evil in it. No antagonist, none!  Nice little cartoon about Christmas being stolen and all the toys were on a runaway train.  So perhaps the train was the villain but that is going the other direction of showing NO evil.  Then there is Mel Gibson’s “Passion” which I’ve seen twice and will never watch again. It was rated “R” for good reason, it is like being at the scene of a very bloody, messy crime. Which it was 2000 years ago.  I don’t need to fill my mind with that awful act that changed history because we know what happens every Easter morning that we celebrate yearly.

So the postmodernist may say that Christians are hypocrites.  I would tell that ill-informed person who claims that THEY are the hypocrites and second, they have never met a bona fide Christian, one who actually follows Christ’s example dying on the cross.  Here is a recent example of how postmodernists are hypocritical.  Take Tiger Wood who was golden boy on the golf course, he could do no wrong but apparently he WAS doing wrong to his marriage vows.  He had a wife and children and yet he found time to have sex with lady friends all along the circuit.  Do you suppose the media and other handlers of this former golfing great didn’t know this was going on?  Yes, they knew but they preferred to keep silent until his wife found out the very hard way.

So, even though this crime of adultery (yes, I know it seems an old-fashioned word in our postmodern day) was not fined or reported by the media, a kind of “gentleman’s understanding” that Tiger needed the extra sex while on the road.  No one told him it was wrong but just last week while he was golfing in Dubai, he spit on the green.  Here’s the hypocrisy, he can do whatever he wants with his sex life and ruin his family and hurt his children with the scandal and there is no fine.  However, he spits on the green and he is slapped with a $10,000 fine.  Now THAT’s postmodern hypocrisy!

My point, and I DO have one, is that Kazakhstan has known MUCH heart ache and misery.  Their history is replete with all they went through under the Russian tsars and then under communism.  Yet you have educators from the West who come to the universities here and they have no clue about the context of where they are teaching and to whom they are teaching.  They just do their subject matter and go home to prepare their next lessons for tomorrow.

Teaching in a post-genocidal society, such as Ukraine or Kazakhstan, means understanding first what happened and next to know why the people of these post-Soviet countries are wanting the West’s education.  But do our hallowed halls of learning in the West really have what is needed for these young people in Kazakhstan?  I think many of the dead white males from the Modernist times knew what was holy, they actually knew the definitions to the words like contrite, sin, purity and conscience.  Today’s generation are growing up pagan, schooled in godless principles and taunting anyone who gives glory to God as being stupid and ignorant.

I shudder and quake to see how Kazakhstan will look in 20 years when they achieve their goal of being in the top 50 countries by the year 2030.  Will Kazakhs be serving others, will they be giving to their own people and to others not their own who need help?  Will the Kazakhs know how to create original ideas or will they steal from others?

All I can write about now, coming to an impasse myself with all these questions is when are we going to get back to the basics and believe the following:  “In omnibus glorificetur Deus”  That would be Latin for “In everything, may God be glorified.”  When the final curtain is drawn on this world’s stage, we shall see who will be called stupid for NOT following the postmodern dogma that prevails today.  May it never succeed in taking hold in Kazakhstan, there are enough problems sorting out from the downfall of communism in the Soviet Union.  Oh, the postmoderns will insist that communism and socialism is and was a good thing.  I’d like to see them living here in Central Asia for ONE month and see how long they would last.

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