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“Malakhai” hat and more photos of expat guests

As promised yesterday, I have a photo of Yaheya’s fur hat.  I looked for more information about this, I found:  “Pelts are used to make “malakhai”. Malakhai is a very warm winter hat made out of fox fur, covering head, neck and part of shoulder.”

As you can see, this fur hat would keep any Kazakh nomad warm in the winter, especially here in the Astana area where the cruel winds blow.

However, I think we are into spring and the sidewalks are melting down so it is not tundra ice to navigate over but rather the real brick or stone to walk on.

Enjoy the other photos of our expat guests on Thursday who came to listen to my students’ talks.  One friend of mine as she was leaving said, “Oh, I can see why you love your students so much, they are so dear.”  Yes, they are and once they graduate with their “Certificate of Completion,” they will move on to further vistas in academia, I’m sure.  For now, they are teaching at the intellectual schools which are feeder schools to our university in Astana.

Today we are back at work as if it is a Monday while it really is a Saturday because of the “International Women’s Day” holiday on Tuesday.  Did you follow all that?  Last year for this annual celebration, we got plants from the men, I wonder what the men at our university will give all of us ladies THIS year?  I LIKE this holiday that is not celebrated in the U.S.  I tell my students that it is “intl. women’s day” every day in the U.S. with a knowing smile on my face! They believe me.

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