Asian Winter Games photos (Part II)

This decision, as I alluded to in yesterday’s blog, for speeding up the Kazakhstan elections came on Feb. 3rd, just last week so that is probably why I didn’t know about it. We were all caught up in the Asian Winter Games.  Here are more photos from this past weekend.  The security was not as tight to get into the skating arena as they had been for the Opening Ceremony.  What was interesting was that I had to take a photo of a Kazakh volunteer to prove that my little digital camera was just that and not something else.  What else, I don’t know.  Once the guard saw her colleague’s photo, then I was waved through the x-ray thing like all airports use.  The volunteers were very helpful for helping us find our seats and it was GREAT to be in an ice arena that doubles for a bike racing arena as well.  The outside of this structure looks like a biker’s helmet.  Inside we had a wonderful view of the women’s figure skaters and the men’s free skating events. I think everyone has been inspired to pick up skiing or skating now after all this energy was expended in the competitions.  I know we all felt inspired to go out to skate on the river this past Sunday morning.

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