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Photos of Little Squirts in Kazakhstan

After all the recent blog posts I’ve been writing about Soviet matters that still impact life as we know it in Astana, Kazakhstan, I thought I’d show cute photos of children instead.  I promised I would and I had some other photos that I forgot to put on my flashdrive so this will have to suffice for today.  These kids were having fun at the nearby shopping center this weekend.  Pirates of the Caribbean must have been the theme for these children and a birthday party, there’s a Johnny Depp wanna be making the children laugh.

Something I didn’t laugh at this Saturday night was watching the movie “A Mighty Heart.” Whoa, that was heavy after watching the classic movie starring Audrey Hepburn at American Corner titled “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”   The classic was just plain silly showing just how stupid a country girl can be who comes to a new eye-popping city like New York.  Making many mistakes about commitment and relationships, we are not entirely certain the guy who loves her will actually get Holly or Sally Mae in the end.  The other movie I watched about Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journalist who went missing in Pakistan was almost the exact opposite about two very smart women who tried to find him.  His wife and Indian assistant.  I think I would only be able to watch that movie once, a second time would be more punishment that I don’t need here in Astana.  Enjoy the children, they are the hope and future of this country.

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