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Poem about “Sweet Violets” and “Spies Like Us”

Thought I’d take a little break from the dismal but interesting account I read by Walter Duranty’s  “I Write as I please.” Watched a “dated” but funny 1980s movie showing a younger Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase in “Spies Like Us” at American Corner on Saturday night.  Cold War realities were no laughing matter back in those days but these two comedians made light of it and it was fun to hear the audience laugh at all the slapstick parts.  Nothing too indepth to talk about afterwards except I asked “What do Kazakhs laugh at?” “Who are famous Kazakh comedians?” and “What about the former USSR Space station like NASA?”

This humorous poem “Sweet Violets” is similar to the one I featured a week or so ago.  It comes from an era gone by, hat tip to my Mom for typing this out for me.  Difficult to believe in spring and violets when there is so much white snow outside.  I especially love it when we have heavy fog in the morning and ALL the trees are heavily frosted like they were on Friday in Astana.

Sweet Violets
There once was a farmer who took a young miss
In back of the barn where he gave her a –
Lecture on horses and chickens and eggs
And told her that she had such beautiful –
Manners that suited a girl of her charms,
A girl that he wanted to take in his –
Washing and ironing and then if she did
They could get married and raise lots of — 

CHORUS:  Sweet violets, sweeter than the roses
Covered all over from head to toe
Covered all over with sweet violets.

The girl told the farmer that he’d better stop
And she called her father and he called a –
Taxi and got there before very long
‘Cause someone was doing his little girl –
Right for a change and so that’s why he said
If you marry her, son, you’re better off –
Single ’cause its always been my belief
Marriage will bring a man nothing but–

Sweet violets …

The farmer decided he’d wed anyway
And started in planning for his wedding –
Suit which he purchased for only one buck
But then he found out he was just out of –
Money and so he got left in a lurch
Standing and waiting in front of the –
End of this story which just goes to show
All a girl wants from a man is his —

Sweet Violets …

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