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“Little by Little” by Anonymous

I’m not buying the anonymous part but when I googled this poem that I found in my husband’s family letters it only came up with the first stanza.  What was written on this little slip of paper was “Oct. 1926 Lawton.” Fortunately, there is a second stanza I have but I don’t know what “Lawton” means. Is it the name for a person or is it a town in Kansas? Apparently this poem meant something to someone in my husband’s family because it was saved along with other letters from the 1930s and 1940s.  You can learn much about a family by poring over old, yellowed correspondence.  Here’s the poem and maybe someone in my reading audience might know who the proper attribution should go to:

LITTLE BY LITTLE by “Anonymous”

One step and then another, and longest walk is ended;

One stitch, and then another , and the largest rent is mended;

One brick up on another, and the highest wall is made;

One flake upon another, and the deepest snow is laid.


Then do not look disheartened o’er the work you have to do;

And say that such a mighty task you never can get through;

But just endeavor, day by day, another point to gain,

And soon the mountain which you feared will prove to be a plain.

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