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Stevenson’s Poem about Astana WIND!!!

“Happy New Year” for those of you staying up to midnight and beyond. Not sure that will be my goal but I hope to have some resolutions firmly in place and activated by the time January 1, 2011 rolls around.  My thoughts drift to other Eves that I have celebrated with friends and family and what I have done in the past to greet each new year.  I can’t think of anything specific, they all kind of blend into the woodwork because I am usually in a cold place trying to stay warm.  WIND!!!

The following short poem is appropriate for either Astana, Kazakhstan or northwestern MInnesota, how the wind doth blow!!! Hat tip to my 10 year old nephew who wrote it out in his beautiful longhand and was scanned by my Mom. WIND!!!  That’s why I’ll be curled up with a good book to read and plans of having a spicy hot, spaghetti meal with my husband later.  That will be the extent of our celebration, watching yet another DVD movie during this time of “stay-cation.” Not sure we will make it up to midnight but meanwhile, the wind continues to blow…

“Wind” by Robert Louis Stevenson

O you that race so strong and cold,

O blower, are you young or old?

Are you a beast of field and tree?

Or just a stronger child than me?

O wind, a-blowing all day long,

O wind that sings so loud a song.

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