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Expats Impressions Living in Kazakhstan (Part III)

Please read the other day’s blog entry with an explanation of what survey I did and who were my respondents were about expat impressions while living in Kazakhstan.  I hope this is enlightening and encouraging for my Kazakh and Kazakhstani readers.

7. What is the most precious memory you have had when dining in a Kazakh friend’s home? If it hasn’t happened yet, just wait, it will.

1) About two or three times per year I am able to go to an employees home for dinner. I meet her father who is wheelchair bound and lives on the fifth floor. He cannot walk and can only go outside if someone carries him. This man is so positive in the light of so many difficulties. He inspires me in many ways.

2) Helping to slaughter a sheep

3) The food and the hospitality of the host

4) Just sitting and enjoying the fact that I can follow everything that is being said.

5) Have only gone to tea at a friend’s apartment but she went over the top to make us feel welcome.

6) food, and food, and more food and being offered all the “best pieces”……dining with them is an absolute pleasure!!!!

7) Being thanked for coming to KZ

8 ) Toasting, endless toasting

9) Eating self-made beshparmak (with horse meat!) with your hands. I even saw how it was prepared, in a very small kitchen with an electric stove on the ground. Delicious! Kazakhs make you really feel at home, not only because of all the food (the sweets in particular ;-)) but also because they share there family life with you for example by showing you all their pictures of major events in their life.

10) The genuineness of the hospitality, the desire to please

11) When my Kazakh friend fed horse meat into my visiting father’s mouth as part of a Kazakh tradition (as aty). The look on my dad’s face was priceless and he still tells everyone about that story

12) The joy of seeing their faces and experiencing their joy in sharing bishbarmak with me

13) Attending the ribbon cutting on a one year old’s birthday. It was so moving!

14) Being treated to one of the most hospitable meals and friendly company I can remember

15) Their incredible hospitality. They will share their last morsel with you, even if they just met you.

16) eating at a Kazakh home is always fun I try to go when ever im invited i’ve done the sheep head and bishbarmak more times than i can count but my favorite meal is invited me over for only borsh she said that she “I know its not much but you like it so i hope your not offended that i didnt make a big meal” i know that here having me over for soup is true friendship.

(survey results to be continued)

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