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More Billboard Photos and Survey Results

Tomorrow, I’ll write more about what I’ve been doing since I’m running out of recent photos of my life in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Much to tell and write about but this will have to do for now.  I’ll insert just a portion of what I wrote in a report for top officials to read. It will need to be translated into Russian so I hope this eight page summary adequately reveals what I’ve taught the last four months. I just hope it makes sense to them.

“I conducted an initial survey that I called “Education in a Modernizing Society” and I got a total of 30 respondents who are Kazakh. Then I did another online survey with only ten questions, I got 19 people to answer my True/False questions.  The following are what I learned from those who have been on the Bolashak program or other exchanges to the U.K. or U.S.  that have exposed them to a different kind of teaching methodology.

  1. All Kazakh schools and universities should employ teachers who are strict, authoritative figures:  T=47.4% F=52.6%
  2. All Kazakh teachers should be very easygoing and less dogmatic in their teaching. T=89.5% F=10.5%
  3. All Kazakh teachers should enable their students to tolerate uncertainty and handle risk. T=94.7% F=5.3%
  4. All schools and universities throughout Kazakhstan should inspire obedience to the collective rather than academic achievement. T=5.6% F=94.4%
  5. All Kazakh schools and universities should reform quickly by re-educating Soviet trained teachers in new kinds of pedagogies. T=84.2% F=15.8%
  6. Kazakh teachers should be rewarded if they are committed to learning along with their students and coloring “outside the lines.” T=94.4% F=5.6%
  7. All schools and universities throughout Kazakhstan should suppress initiative and independent thought: T=26.3% F=73.7%
  8. All schools and universities should instill loyalty and compliance to the teachers wishes and demands. T=42.1% F=57.9%
  9. Kazakh students should be encouraged and allowed to think for themselves. T=94.7% F=5.3%

10. All Kazakh schools and universities should nurture their students self-expression by expanding and improving their writing skills in English T=89.5% F=10.5%

The responses are representative of those former graduate students who are now employed as former Bolashak scholars and working at the new university.  The only two questions that I need to finetune are questions #1 and #8.  Perhaps that is something I can explore further with my teachers and PDP students. Maybe the re-wording of these two questions will make it less ambiguous.  The rest of the questions with their answers makes it obvious that 100% backing is needed from those in authority who want to improve the educational system of Kazakhstan.”


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