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More Artwork from Astana, Kazakhstan

I have met some wonderful friends here in Astana whom I’m getting to know better and better on different social occasions.  The other night a group of us went to Kazbar for a nice steak dinner.  It had been a busy day for all of us but it was nice to relax and meet new friends.  I gave up my ticket to go to the Charity ball at the Radisson because I had a conflict with having my Christmas party with my PDP students.  So the ticket went to a good candidate who I’m sure enjoyed the wonderful meal, music and dancing.  Last week I also went to another social event where the children of an art class were given their certificates.  I had two of my PDP students meet Hanaa Singer who had invited us to go.  She said there were children from the orphanage whose art work was featured at this exhibition across from the restaurant, Thank God it’s Friday or better known here in Astana as simply Fridays.  I met other people I knew from the international club so it would seem that the international community is a tight group but that it is ever expanding.  I say, the more the merrier!  Enjoy the artwork from the Children’s exhibition.

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More Photos of my dear Kazakh students

Much to write, so little time as I have said before.  Suffice it to say that I’m glad my students got to meet a visiting professor named Alan Ruby from UPenn. We will have to hear him talk more in March when he returns to Astana. For now I have to write a lengthy document for the Ministry of Education which will be translated into Russian. This will hopefully justify why we had these PDP (Professional Development Program) classes this past semester. Even the president of this great country of Kazakhstan said that continuing education in companies in the western world is good for the growth of such company. If that is true in oil and gas and other money makers, would not the same be true in education?  I will continue to write on that topic maybe tomorrow.  Much in my head that needs to be documented.  For now, enjoy my students.

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