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Charity Bazaar photos

More photos today because a week ago Sunday we were excited about how well our book table did at the annual Charity Bazaar.  First time to launch this at the Astana bazaar that only started three years ago.  Keep in mind that the new part of the city of Astana, Kazakhstan is only ten years old. Obviously people wanted books and other reading material, so hopefully we will get more donations throughout the year for next year!  (hint, hint) However, maybe books will become a thing of the past with Kindle readers. Something like letters and cards are becoming more precious because people don’t post them as much as they do the social networking scene on the Internet.  I think, though, the permanence of books will last a while longer.  We shall see 20 years from now what becomes of the book if all goes electronic.  If the electricity should ever go out, we would have the stand by book to read by the light of a fire or the sunlight perhaps.  More photos because I want to remember the social networking I did in person with people while raising money for children in orphanages whom I’ll probably never see.

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