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Silent Taxi Driver and “Where’s Walda?”

Today, I had our other regular taxi driver, Yerik, shout after me to take his taxi or so I thought when I was about to wave down a gypsy cab to go to work. (see yesterday’s blog) Apparently Yerik and Yaheya are friends because Yerik jumped out of Yaheya’s car and indicated I should go with Yaheya.  Well, I thought this might be another talkative session going to work this morning, like yesterday, but he was silent today.  Does Yaheya read my blog?  OR do other people read it and let him know what a kick I get out of his monologue in Russian?  Anyway, since I don’t have much to report (though there is a backload of many things I could write about but no time to do it), I’ll use photos I got from someone who was at last weekend’s Charity Bazaar.  Apparently we made 8.6 million tenge in sales from all the booths and raffle tickets. That means charities around the Astana area will get a slice of the pie from about $58,500 total, if my math is correct.  That’s a LOT of money in one day of selling!!!  Where’s Walda?

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