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Persuasive Reasons for Kazakhs to Blog (Part III)

I have more that I would like to share about blogging and encouraging my Kazakh students to do the same as me, blog, blog, blog.  But you will see below why it might be a problem for some to get started. One student on her own blog said that it was fear, check out Wizard of KZ to see what she wrote several weeks ago.  Also it can be discouraging if there is not someone who knows, right beside the newbie blogger. It can be down right self-defeating.  However,  just today I had some of my seasoned Kazakh teachers tell me that their older students took no time at all to figure things out.  The teachers were admitting that they were actually learning from their own students.  I say that all the time as a student-centered teacher, but you have to know this is a big step for very teacher -centered teachers to even verbalize the fact that they are learning from their students. I see more cross over in methodologies coming soon from some of these teachers.  How refreshing!

Student G – “After reading the article I had a scary and exciting thought what if we implied blogging in the lesson there might happen an interesting and amazing way of self-learning, thus developing students autonomy!!! I like the article very much. the experiment they made is very similar to our PDP program. We also learn to blog and share information with each other. Mostly we work individually and with the help of our teacher.

It is very difficult to be objective to this article. If there was a chance to read it earlier I wouldn’t believe in results! I also wouldn’t believe that blogging can improve and develop cognitive skills, motivation (intrinsic or extrinsic), interaction and so on. and now, I am familiar with all of it. and the results are really amazing!!!!  I do like blogging as a tool of self-education and self-assurance.”

Both Student G and H are newly minted teachers from the Pedagogical University but still they are both teachers at heart.

Student H – “The interrelation between blogging and writing skills, between blogging and autonomy is surprising. Blogging is a very effective way of improving one’s communication through writing skills. A lot of writing promotes learner autonomy, makes the way of expressing your ideas, thoughts and feelings easy. Student autonomy is a combination of such activities as colloboration, negotiation, interaction, interrelation and self-development.

On my part, creating my own blog encouraged me to feel the whole responsibility of mine as a writer. “People write not because they want to say something, but they have something to say”. That is the main reason that leads every writer to keep on putting his ideas from heart onto the page. That is why whatever you write you should do it with responsibility. You should be aware that your writing will meet a public audience. And the wide audience is the motive that will keep you on the right path.

The article “Augmenting Learner Autonomy through Blogging” shows the investigation – blogging vs. its effect and proves its invaluable impact on the language and cognitive skill development, independent decision making  and self-improvement process.

Actually, when I was creating my blog I faced some difficulties with blog options. I even failed to make my memorable entry perfect. Because of the lack of blog strategy I published one image several times. As a matter of fact, I was wondering where my picture was, while it had been publishing on my blog again and again. But now I know you shoud wait a bit before having your post published.

Blogging is great, once acquianted with it, it is useful to make friends forever.”

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