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Persuasive Reasons for Kazakhs to Blog (Part II)

Here is a continuation from yesterday’s blog about blogging.  My PDP students had read several articles on reflection and one on blogging.  I am taking their comments from the forum section of Moodle so you can see their thoughts on this topic of blogging.  Helpful to see the different Kazakh perspectives.

Student D – Having read the article offered by our teacher “Augmenting Learner Autonomy through Blogging” and basing on my own experience I can make the following conclusion:

First, blogging is really very educational. When you know that not only your teacher will read what you have written but also your friends and even total strangers, you understand how important and responsible your work is. you choose the theme carefully, check your spelling, vocabulary and grammar lest be ashamed of the mistakes you have made. In this way you improve your language.

Second, blogging develop your cognitive skills (i.e. purpose setting and generating ideas). Once you created a blog, you are to set your purpose: “What are you going to write about?”. Then you must think about your ideas and not spread about all the ideas that come to your mind.

Third, you improve your writing skills as you write for the whole world to see. As a result, you learn how to write a good article and use an appropriate style and appropriate words.

The fourth and one of the most important benefits is increase of motivation. When a student write and know that some people are going to read it and sonebody will approve of his/her ideas and he really wants to share his ideas he becomes motivated and involved. Especially when some of the readers leave a comment and you get feedback you really enjoy doing it.

But there are some (as we see from the article) problems that student have to face when creating and using blogs. First is lack of computers and not everybody has one at home. Second is limited access to internet. I myself face this problem because Ihave no computer at home and at school I have much work to do except blogging. But I hope that by and by the problems will be overcome and everything is going to be excellent.

To sum up what I have written I can say that even though we lack computers and not always have access to internet, all the same we should use the opportunities that blogging can offer us.

Student E – I really liked this article as it describes the major reasons of using the blogs. Blogging is getting more and more important in our modern world. And I am glad that I also have started blogging and can express my ideas and thoughts through it and of course as it was mentioned in the article I will be able to improve my writing skills. It is also interesting for me that in the article it was written that blogs were used as someone’s personal diary online and then it became as one of the meaning of writing. Nowadays blogging is of the most important part of autonomy learning. Talking about autonomy learning, it is assumed as a centre stage of language learning in recent times. It also helps learners to become more independent by making decisions, critical reflection and independent actions, and I totally agree with as now I decide myself what to write in there about. And of course I know that blogging is a big challenge for some reasons especially in the beginning when you are not confident enough of what to write about and how to write. Students in fact are learning to work on their own and some of them are sharing with their experiences, as some students don’t really have computer proficiency and they fail to work on their own, while other have some experience in working with computers, then they can help their peers to get along. As for me I also was a little nervous when I opened my blog and the teacher said “now, you can write” and it was a shock for me as I asked her what I should write about…

Some of our students as I noticed felt confident enough as they started writing so good as it seemed for me that they have been blogging for ages. I know that it always takes time to develop yourself in whatever you start learning. That is why I hope that every time I write in my blog i wil get better.

Student F – Having read this article I had a brilliant idea, why not augment my students autonomy through blogging. If our students create their own blogs in order to discuss or share some actual problems and news, it will enhance the student’s reading and writing skills faster than we do now, of course, if we follow the structure figured out in this article.

There are a lot of people who are autonomy learners, for example, Nazarbayev Intellectual School students augment their learning via reflections on learning English or whatever subject they learn. It seems the same we do through bloggings.

From my point of view, it will help the teachers to make their lessons easier and more interesting through bloggings. On the other hand, students will be encouraged to read and write more. And the blogs created by them own will give them autonomy. So, feeling this autonomy, making one step ahead the students will be close to the teachers. The students will be aware to read more, consequently developing their writing skills. Today, especially when the students are keen on lot of computer games, which can be useful and usefulness. So, why not attract their attention on reading through bloggings, whatever the teachers write or their thoughts on anything.

Today it was a great day to experiment this idea with my different aged students and I analysed that teenage students were more interested than 10-12 year old students. It is clear that teenagers have a lot of themes to discuss with me, relating to the subject, life or family. We teachers do not know what is happening inside of our students family, especially their living conditions. On the contrary, the same questions touch our students too. And when I showed them my own blog they had a big desire to read whatever I wrote. Why not? First they had a time to read it was about our discussion on Human trafficking. They read it, then asked questions on the topic seen on the blog. It was really interesting, they said they would keep reading it at home. When I asked them if they have had an internet access at home, I was glad because everyone had it.

Secondly, today our teachers have big problems on concluding their lessons There are some questions should be asked in order to solve this problem:

– How to conclude the lesson? or Are there any ways to conclude it?

I think lack of time causes such problems. And why not use bloggings for reflections at the end of the lesson, without spending time for that.

Further, the teachers should follow this new technique and it is time to refresh the teaching methods. Moreover, after such bloggings among the teachers and students, the teachers will know what part of the lesson was interesting or vice versa. Or what should we work on to make our lessons interesting and cognitive.


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