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“Letting off some steam” at the Talent Show

Askhat did a GREAT job putting together the Talent Show last night. Loved his English version of a Kazakh song with dombra accompaniment.  I’m showing just some of the photos I took from the sidelines of the singers, guitarists, judo guys, Alter Ego guys, ballroom dancing, belly dancing, salsa dancing, etc. If I had taken a photo of every act, I would have at least 30-35 photos I’m sure.  The program started at 7:30 p.m. and ended at 10:00.  However, even more energy and steam was let off after the program with eating and dancing.  Party time on a Friday night!!!
Fun to see all the talent, and my favorites?  The Jazz piano! Also, the funny skits by the two comedians and the dombra players at the very beginning. Let’s not forget the rap chant at the end about the University.  Last night was clearly a real mix of cultures!!! For some reason, this morning, I couldn’t get the Lady Gaga song out of my head.  I thought teacher Josh did a great job singing with his guitar as backup. Josh admitted that he was glad he still had his day job as a teacher, he had a hard rocker act to follow.
Congratulations to all participants!  Think about next time we have a Talent Show with more time for rehearsals than just one week of preparation, what  more talent we will see. (more photos tomorrow)

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