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More Moodle and J-Stor

Today I went through a checklist of assignments and reading activities with my Professional Development students.  I showed them where to upload their assignments on Moodle and also helped register them with J-Stor. I have given them a lot of hometasks and they are going to be busy in the computer lab tomorrow. They are aware that all assignments are due this Friday.  In the last week each student has made some progress in starting a blog with, getting more familiar with Moodle and now tomorrow, if they have time, they will learn about J-Stor.

The reason I want them to be familiar with J-Stor is that they will have to go back to their own research projects and find academic journal articles either from Ebscohost or from Oxford Journals.  They are finding out about how to read these kind of journals.  It takes time to read the material and sort out what the issues are to form a good thesis statement for their final paper. I’m hoping they are so passionate about their project that they won’t even care how much time they spend reading.

I feel like we are running out of weeks fast before the end of the semester. So late did we get our computer labs.  No complaints here, we had a good chance to visit the American embassy twice and Eagilik, Books and Coffee once.  I want to take one more field trip to American Corner at the National Library. We shall see if THAT happens.  It started to get cold so there was more than a nip in the air.  It was down right cold. In fact, Ken came in after about five minutes out this morning to put his long underwear on and put his liner back in his trench coat.  Duly warned, I put on extra layers as well.

So, soon I will be learning more from my students and their respective projects.  Note the names of the blogs on the link next to this, on the right column.  Okay, gotta hit the sack, I’m tired.

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