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Today was fun in the computer lab with my ten adult learning students. They figured out how to log in to their Moodle accounts.  Helps when they are given the right user name.  The first letter did not need to be capitalized!  Well, once we solved that little problem then we had a few other kinks to work through, like why a few of my journal articles that I wanted them to read didn’t show up as pdfs.  So, I tinkered around with that and had them working on their own while I  figured out how to use the three different courses.  We got into the Moodle chat room and that was entertaining. Laughter over what they were saying to each other was contagious.  Instead of having yellow smiley faces I asked that they put their own photos in their profile.  That done, we went back to chatting again, it was fun to see what they had to say to each other.

However, I found that the chat room was NOT where I wanted them to be for lengthy discussions on weighty topics, so I then crashed around in the forums and resources and came up with a place where we could upload our comments on a given topic.  We will rehearse more of this on Thursday but for today, I think my students saw just how fun Moodle can be and also how exhaustive reading academic journal articles are.  Many will go home or back to their school and perhaps print off the articles.

Now we are changing our schedule to meet at 2:45 every day instead of 3:00 p.m. This will help the teachers get back home earlier. Which reminds me that I need to e-mail the other four who are NOT teachers that we have a change of time.  I just called my husband at home who has pelmeni waiting for me (btw, that’s a meat dumpling). But he said to get all my Internet done at work instead of waiting to do it at home.  Okay, so maybe our landlady hasn’t paid our Internet bill and that may explain why I couldn’t call my husband on our home phone.  I let the batteries go down on my cell phone so thus we were out of communication.  Thankfully one of the IT guys had his number and I could call him to say I would be LATE!  Ah…technology!!!

Earlier today, I had a nice visit with a British friend of mine I have gotten to know over the months since we first arrived in Astana in February.  She and her husband LOVE Astana and she is known to cross-country ski in the coldest of winter EVERY day.  I bought some ski poles from her so I hope to get some exercise this winter when the snow starts to fly.  Right now we have a gloomy day of rain and if the temps drop much more, we WILL have snow.  Hasn’t happened yet.

Okay, enough of the rambling.  I am going to take the bus home that is for the employees.  That is a nice perk, we shall see how many people are going to use this service.  Right now, it is easy enough to stand out and wait for the public transport or grab a gypsy taxi.  However, once the high winds start howling with the winter temps, it will be no picnic at all to cross the four lane highway to get to the bus stop.  Thus, the employee bus which waits outside the main entrance.

Well, that is it for me. What a GOOD day to have the Moodle up and running.  Just a few more bugs to work out of the system but it is so much like what I used back in the U.S. I am happy to have some kind of platform that hopefully will save on paper.  Over and out!

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    Moodle is another tool we learnt to develop our interdependence through autonomy. Firstly, on my part I felt a bit stumbled up as the stratedy the moodle was organized was totally unfamiliar to me. So were WordPress, Ebsco, ebrary and many many other things. Not long ago Ainagul and I wondered what a narrow area of informatiom resource we had. As for me, I used to go first googling or ramblering and if I didn’t find anything I simply assured myself that there was nothing in the Internet. Moodle is our virtual diary, assignments. And I like to have all my works done there. Thanks!
    By the way, as for the skiing in winter, I want to say that it is very nice activity to do even if you cannot ski yourself. Once I and my group at the institute experienced winter activities with one of Peace Corps volunteers.It was unforgetable. It is a nice activity to keep it going annually.

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    kazaknomad said,

    As a class we should try doing a x-country ski party, right? It would be memorable indeed. Say, I’m glad you have made this discovery about all that is at your fingertips with this new technology! Welcome aboard!

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