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Life is Catching up with me (Part III)

Today was action packed while it was a beautiful fall day. I mostly spent it inside but it is always nice to have the OPTION of going outdoors for a walk…if you have the time.  I didn’t. We went to campus in the afternoon to show the movie we had shown a week earlier at American Corner “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”  Those who attended today for the movie got some GREAT doorprizes.  One guy got a Bruce Willis “Die Hard” series of three DVDs.  Someone else got some ground coffee and I forget who got the third prize, maybe a snazzy water bottle.

The discussion was good yet I know many of these students are under a LOT of pressure to do well in their classes.  Some maybe are struggling.  The library is soooo busy with students using the computers.  The movie we showed was 90 minutes of levity. The students had a very fun Halloween party the night before so our numbers were down for the movie.  We like showing movies because it is fun to hear the students laugh at the funny parts.

Well, because this was such a busy weekend, consequently, I don’t have the children’s tests graded from yesterday. Also, I need to be ready for my lessons this upcoming week.  I WANT to find out how to effectively use Moodle, hopefully tomorrow.  I have some journal articles up for my students to read but I still need to input them. So this is your proverbial cart before the horse.

Tomorrow night, we have been invited to the Pakistani embassy to meet the ambassador along with all the others who have been invited.  Don’t know how formal this affair will be, but Ken and I will try to dress up for the occasion.  There are many other diplomat types I continue to meet who are part of the embassy crowd, representing their different countries.

Speaking of which, the O.S.C.E. will be held in Astana and they will have to host delegations from 55 countries.  The hotels will all be packed and even some complexes that have been unoccupied will be used for this very big deal.  The new part of the city will be closed down a week in advance in anticipation of problems with security.  I think we will have to cancel our classes and the university as we know it to operate.  Businesses and other universities are calling it a holiday on Dec. 1 and 2.  I will write more later about what I learned from the O.S.C.E. ambassador.

So, knowing this ahead of time almost helps but once we are in the middle of it, what will we do for fun? We can’t leave the city.  We have to stay put.  But if people who work at the new part of town, like waitresses and waiters and cabbies and bus drivers, they can’t pass into the new from the old, crossing the river.  We shall how they handle this, there are several major bridges that connect the old part with the new part.  It should be very interesting indeed.

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