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Life is catching up with me

Tonight I watched a funny movie with my hubby roommate.  It will not be one we would show to the Kazakh students.  We just needed something to laugh at. Sometimes Steve Martin is too wildly funny for his own good.  This week was another roller coaster week but I’m to write that it ended well.  I could say “T.G.I.F.” with great enthusiasm.  So much happened this past week that I could easily put up a photo or two and write a few lines and call it a night.  Instead I’ll give the highlights.

I went  to the international women’s meeting to hear the ambassador of O.S.C.E. give a talk and I took copious notes.  I also got my students to start their own blogs on and I could not be prouder of some.  A few need some coaxing and prodding but for the most part they were soooooo excited about “getting published” for the rest of the world to see their words!  The names they picked are interesting such as: Wizard of KZ, Weak Student, Kipchak Princess, Listen and Speak, Imaginative woman and other original sounding ones.  Check some of their blogs out. I guess I should have a widget with links to their names.  I did that when I had my Ukrainian students write blogs back in 2006.  Some are still writing on their blogs.  I hope my Kazakh students keep this discipline up after our classes are over with.

Finally, today we had the author of “Two Kyrgyz Women” come and talk to the class for the 50 minutes allotted, I knew it would go over to an hour.  but some of my students had to get back to their teacher duties.  Well, I’ll write more about Marinka’s talk.  We took a photo with her and I hope to get that from one of my students.  For now, over and out.  I’m tired after a long but fruitful week!


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