Correct Answer: Khan Shatyr

Please look back at yesterday’s blog question of “Where was this photo taken?”  You almost have to live in Astana, Kazakhstan to fully appreciate where this new structure that opened up this past summer is located.  Being in the new part of town, it is the latest of architectural wonders.  But just wait until you see the latest national Kazakh library that will be going up soon.  I’ve seen photos of the blueprint, it is really something to behold!!! It will certainly rival the shape of the tipped tent of Khan Shatyr.  Maybe tomorrow I will show that which I’ll find off of google images.

Just for fun I thought I’d add this photo of the ride Ken and I took over a month ago.  It looked like fun but once we were on it, I questioned our sanity.  We were sitting in this car that was going on a very thin piece of metal 100s of feet above all the rest of the shopping centers below.  We made it okay though. The other entertainment choice is the roller coaster ride that goes through water, that’s what I showed yesterday.  I think I’ll try for the white sand beach next time we go to Khan Shatyr.

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