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Kazakh Teachers Reflect on “Career Suicide” (Part II)

Today is a continuation of what I wrote about in yesterday’s blog.  I had many good reflections from my students after they viewed the fourth film clip titled “Career Suicide” that ran 12:39 minutes long.  Here’s what one person wrote:

“I like this movie because it shows everything even death depends on you.  You rule your own life. Being under someone’s control is killing you.  Once you have to decide what YOU want.  This feeling is familiar to me.  I feel myself so exhausted and terrible, just want to cry.  But if you overcome that, you’ll be stronger.  I mustn’t be afraid of being who I AM!!!”

Another astute observation:

“I was surprised to see that not much difference happened to Sandy, dead or alive.  She was still rushing and was stuck in the archives.  On both sides, she’s not herself, burdened with the things she has to finish.  She just lost herself.  This is not just her, this is us:  We all are afraid to take our time and think whether we indeed this rush or not – we just stay busy. The message of the video, I think, is that you don’t love if you do things that you want to, even more you’ll be rewarded for staying yourself and taking resolute decisions because Sandy looked relieved in the end.”

Wow, another mature response to the film about committing suicide in one’s career:

“People, sometimes, dreaming of gaining money and building their career lose themselves.  So overheaded by job they commit suicide deep inside.  And they don’t decide for themselves, they dream of a career and do the things they don’t want to do.  Moral, I think, is despite how ambitious you are, don’t kill a man inside of you with her own “I”, ideas, opinions, decisions, choices, abilities.  Just be who you are really.”

Here’s food for thought from another student of mine. I hope she follows my directions as a teacher (;-):

“This film is about a real life.  When a job doesn’t give you pleasure, your life becomes aimless and uninteresting. And people who follow other people’s orders don’t reach anything worth in life.  That happens with Sandy….”

Another person knows the pressures of working at a job. Read on:

“I’m proud of the woman.  She is strong enough to make her own decision.  It is so difficult to be oneself when everybody around you is copying one another.  Everybody is afraid of being fired and do what they are told to do.  I myself sometimes do the things I don’t want to but I have to in the fear of being fired.”

How about this from another Kazakh teacher:

“There are so many people in the world who just do what they are told to do and they are afraid to take their own decisions and be assertive in their positions.  But this woman Sandy even if she has been leading such a life, then at the end when she decided to take the essential decision, it gave her freedom and joy and satisfaction.  So, it means that people must know who they are and be bold.”

Finally, I think these teachers who are my students are trying to figure out where they are in life, in their studies, at their job.  This sums it up nicely:

“It is difficult to understand that if you do something good, is not always good for you, yourself.  People all over the world do things they do not like everyday, every week but it seems no end of problems. This short clip makes you think about how to work and live with pleasure.  I believe that everyone has his own vocation, i.e. his own place in the world.  And everyone should find it out.”

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