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Teachers Respond to Very Short Video Clips

Yesterday my students watched five short video clips, most all had surprise endings.  I warned them ahead of time that they might be shocked with the final outcome. We discussed after the initial viewing. Then I had them write their reactions after viewing each clip twice.  The feedback that I got on the last two clips, I thought were the most meaningful.  Here’s what they wrote about Dollface, 4:14 min.:

Dima: “We shouldn’t create an idol from a famous person, the television shows us only beautiful faces.  But our life depends on the foundation, a person should be rich deep inside, when she copies only beautiful pictures, she will not grow.  She made an Idol for herself and died copying it, without a thought that it can damage her.”

Aliya: ” I viewed this clip from two points: first, the TV symbolizes the aim of each person. sometimes we reach our aim but sometimes we fail.  Second, people nowadays copy too much from the TV.  There are so many girls who have seen Hollywood stars and made plastic surgery operation that cost them their health and even lives.”

Gulmira: “I think it is an experiment on the robot.  She couldn’t pass any test because she is too jealous of the real girl’s face on the screen.  It is a comparison between real life and artificial reality we see on the screen of our TVs.  And sometimes people can’t say “no” to their passions.”

Damesh: “I think this is kind of film you watch and change your mind on it as many times as you watch.  Poor ting, she’s dead just for nothing.  The second time I thought that she is a victim of fashion. She liked herself when she changed the first time. but it was not enough for her because the example of the face then changed and she blindly followed it.  I think that if she was the first to change her style, TV would follow her as well as she did because sometimes people follow the fashion, which I don’t like at all.  The second they thought is that she failed because she didn’t know her power and she knew she could fail but anyway, she tried to do the thing beyond her capability. That’s stupid! Very, very stupid!  How could she?!

My third she is like the two Kyrgyz girls – attracted by the beauty but not aware of the danger that can happen to her.  TV, globalization, she didn’t look into things she just believed what is on the surface.  The fourth, did you notice that the 3rd face was not far different from the second. But she! She didn’t notice! She wanted more and more knowing not that she was ok even more! She was good, sometimes we just have to have some time to watch where we are, what level and how it is all the question of contentment.”

The following reactions are about “Rain” that runs 7:20 min., it is my favorite of all the Damah film festival short clips.

Dima: “Sometimes, when a child is in a difficult situation, when he has problems, he needs to communicate with an adult, with parents, with a teacher and we mustn’t let him be alone, we should listen to him, sometimes it is enough.  We as teachers, shouldn’t think that the problems of the child is only his problems or his parents.  If the child needs you, as a teacher, you should help him.  Be careful, don’t reject him.”

Aliya: “The girl is desparate, she says that she couldn’t talk to her mother because the latter didn’t listen.  She just talked.  I think this is the problem of the teacher and parents.  They do not listen to the pupils, to the children, they do not consider their opinion be important.  Therefore, children do not want to share their thoughts with their parents and teachers.  Therefore, they make many mistakes which wouldn’t have been made if they talked to their parents and teachers and the latter would have listened to them.”

Gulmira: “This clip is touching.  I like the idea of it.  The main message is to stay a human being in any situation. the problem is shown quite directly and there is no extra or omitted information.  The girl is in trouble, she’s scared and doesn’t know what to do…The children are more important than anything in the world for any mother.

Dinara: “Being a teenageer is so difficult and a lot of them make mistakes.  Parents, teachers, all adults should take into account it and help to overcome this period.  I wonder this woman who just listened and assisted a girl who wasn’t her own daughter.  She has a golden heart.  She treated with this unfamiliar girl like her own one.  Teachers especially should apply to children, consult them and do their best to decrease such dramatic situation.”

Botagaz: I really liked the way the mother behaved herself, she didn’t interrupt the girl while she was talking.  She just was listening to her and that’s what the girl really needed.  Another thing if the mother said, “Wait, my daughter is sleeping, who are you?” then this girl might have been disappointed with it and would dare to dial home number again.  Then something bad could have happened to her…there are a lot of situations at school when the teacher also must be supportive and act themselves like mothers.”

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