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Reflections at the U.S. Embassy Information Resource Center

Reflections from my Kazakh students about what they experience at different resource centers in Astana and what they hope to learn in our classroom are prized by me.  See what you think of the steps they are taking in our Professional Development program.  They are all good learners because they are teachers first and foremost. What a privilege to work with them!

S: “When we came in the library, the only thing I could think about at that very moment was “WOW!!!”…It is a great thing I might say, we have to be “smart enough” to find key words to make our research.”

A: “Introduction to the library, there were so many interesting books there!

B: “For me the best part of my visit to the embassy was just to be there to see all the American things.”

A: “I’ve always dreamed to see American embassy even with one glance.  But yesterday was my happiest day, I not only saw it, I could be there.”

D: “Getting to know the literature, opportunities of educational programs, learning to work with Ebscohost…I learned we can find whatever we are interested in with wide access to electronic library.”

D: “First, to have a look inside the embassy; Second, IRC – books, books and books; third, handouts, information, Ebscohost and new person (Zhanar)

B: “Best part was visiting the American Embassy library, including working there for a couple of hours, getting acquainted with Ebsco system in guidance and borrowing books from there.  Worst part:  Leaving the library! (even the lack of computers there cannot be regarded as a bad part, because we were overjoyed with the books and didn’t even notice.)

L:  “The best part of my visit was when I got a large amount of information related to international programs.  There was no worst part, because everything was useful for me.”

N: “The best part of my visit is using Ebscohost database, there was no worst part.  Yesterday was wonderful!”

What else did my students have to write about their own final papers they need to write?  Read on:

S: I’d like to learn to write essays, but not for the sake of good grades, but for my myself.  It will be step up in my self development and I really appreciate it.

A:  I hope to learn to write well.  Because it is very important to express your thoughts clearly and correctly for everybody to understand you.  I hope to learn to express my thoughts in a concise way – logically and in a few sentences.

B: to improve my critical thinking

A: this class is a great opportunity for me to learn how to write perfectly.  I know that I’m weak at writing and I hope I’ll improve my writing skill at this class.  As for reading…I like to read.  In my family, if my brother always seeks for some sport things, I always seek for a good book to read.  And my mom always says, “You have a mania for books, papers, you’re a maniac.”

D: I hope to increase my vocabulary, and learn how to read and write a bit faster.

D: A lot of things!  I want to get something useful for my further teaching career. AND to get something for myself and learn some skills (vital, life, organizing, etc.) and to be able to give them to my students to be developed both academically and socially, confident.

B: I hope to gain perfection both in reading and writing that will define me as a competent English language user.

L: I hope to learn academic reading, analytical writing and expressing my own point of view clearly in written form (cohesion and coherence)

N: To be honest, I hated reading and writing.  However, after your methods of teaching I begin to read and write with pleasure.

A:  It was funny for me to read the following: “Students depend on paper too much,” Students depend too much upon ink.”  Nowadays we say, “Students depend too much upon computers, what will they do when it breaks?”

L:  “Because of the problem of incomplete families has been brought up not only in Russia, it also in KZ.  Moreover, as a teacher I contribute my assets on the students, whom I teach and half of them can be from incomplete families.  So, their behavior at school is changeable and it causes a lot or problems which influences on those students from complete families.  They are like strays and out of control.  I think it is a global problem and it should be solved not only by the government but also by all families themselves.  Negative factors of the upbringing of children in incomplete families bring us negative way of life.

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