Social Networking and MORE!!!

Difficult to keep up with the latest rage of social networking sites.  Do I hear a witness out there? I just did a Technorati survey the other day that took over 20 minutes to do.  Of course I’m involved in some of these social sharing sites such as Skype and Facebook on a daily basis. I also enjoy others such as YouTube and Expat Blog. The trouble with living here in Central Asia is that all YouTube clips come in chunks, we don’t have fast enough speed to get a steady stream. Thus, you don’t watch as many YouTubes as you might like to and are very judicious about the ones you DO watch.  Also, I do NOT like MySpace because it is too cluttered and has too many ads. I don’t use Twitter or LinkedIn that much though I have accounts with both. I keep getting people to invite me into their LinkedIn World, so I cave and add them as “friends.”  (sigh)

I almost use Facebook exclusively to contact people with short messages these days, I enjoy the brevity.  I think my FB friends do the same and disregard their e-mail messages now.  Where does the time go when one is interacting so much on the Internet?  I guess they have camps or therapy groups for those addicted to their computers.  I’m not into it like some young kids who do the LAN party thing that have terrible violence, etc.  Nooooo, not for me. Yes,  I’ve heard of Reddit, Metacafe and Jumpcat but who has time to look each one of them up?  I don’t because I use the Internet as my source of news and use Facebook to keep up with my friends and family back home. I also use the Internet to help find things for my teaching and lesson planning.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll list some of my favorite sites I have used in the past.  That reminds me, today is the first class with my students where we will talk about blogging on Moodle which is the platform our university is using.  I hope to get them all excited about doing daily journalling on this private means of reflecting on their teaching.

So, it wasn’t so bad doing the Technorati survey because I learned something from it…just how many sites are out there to connect with other people, such as:

Stumble Upon


















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