Open Clinic and Photos of Babies born in Kazakhstan

Today I went back to Open Clinic to get my blood work done, it was not as long a wait as the day before when we needed to have a consultation first.  That was a painful one and half hour wait yesterday watching people open and close doors while the doctor consulted with each patient before me.

Why is it called “Open Clinic?”  I think the emphasis is on the word “open” because I just saw more of the same today waiting outside the laboratory. Opening and closing the door.  Ken went to pay for the lab work at the cashier while I kept my place in line.  You have to know when you approach this kind of medical service the question to ask in Russian is “Who’s last?”  Seems most people abide by this corridor protocol but for others with fussy children, it is tough.

One little girl kept moaning yesterday in Russian, “Domoy, Domoy.”  Obviously she wanted to go home with her consistent, petulant whine. But then there were also the happy toddlers under the age of 3 who played with each other.  Fiddling with door keys, chasing each other and probably a menace to the passing nurses.  But what fun to hear their squeals and laughter over the whimpers.

So, I have figured out to bring my camera next time I need to go to Open Clinic and try to cheer up these little squirts.  I had my camera yesterday to take photos but I was too out of sorts while I was internally whining about wanting to be any other place but there in the corridor of the Open Clinic.

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