More Kazakh Teachers’ Writings (Part II)

Yesterday’s blog was written well, it was written from the heart.  Today’s essay by a Kazakh teacher was written from the head, but just as good.  All Kazakh teachers who are worth their salt are doing the best they can to improve themselves for the good of their country.  This person from Semey wrote eloquently about how she hopes to make a difference:

“What is future for any country is an acute and constant issue of discussion.  Is it it’s natural resources?  Or maybe it is it’s land or people?  Kazakhstan is a country which can be considered rich and developed taking into consideration our land, our industry and some other indexes.

But a real wealth for us is our children.  The saying that “Our children create our future” is undoubtably correct.  What country do we want to live in?  It depends on what upbringing we give our children because they are future citizens of the country.  They will accept important decisions concerning the future development of the Republic, they’ll present our country on a world political summit meetings and find new ways of the Republic development.

Personally, I can’t do much to make a difference for the future of this country.  But being a teacher and working with children makes it possible for me to influence their young minds and create in some way their consciousness.  Surely, a teacher himself should be a very intelligent, well brought up person with the wide-range of knowledge spheres.  He should constantly work over his (or her) self-development, possess moral principles in order to be an example for his pupils.  Very often children copy or just follow the behavior model or attitude to the world from the adults they see every day.  So it’s obligatory for every teacher or tutor to be a right and good example for them.

“Great route consists of small steps” says the Chinese proverb.  My routine work at school are these small steps which may lead to the making a difference for the future of this country of Kazakhstan.”

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